Ready for Growth: How Fusion Helped Alta Pediatrics Thrive

Amidst the pandemic, Kim Hurley, an occupational therapist in New Jersey, found herself furloughed from her corporate job. While she believed in making a difference in the lives of clients, she was done with corporate practices. In 2020, she founded Alta Pediatrics, a private practice that provided occupational therapy services from her home. Her dedication and expertise quickly gained recognition, leading to an impressive surge in demand. To keep up with the growing needs of Alta Pediatrics, her husband Ryan Camlin, a product manager, joined forces with her to handle business management and marketing.

Alta Pediatrics has been on an upward trajectory, expanding beyond the Hurley household and opening up a new location. They’ve also recently added speech therapy services and continue to thrive. However, as the business grew, Kim realized that the software she was using as a solo provider was no longer sufficient. After researching different options, she chose Fusion for its exceptional value in the market.

Alta Pediatrics has expanded its services and now offers speech therapy to its clients. Kim and Ryan have even bigger plans for the future, with hopes to provide behavioral and mental health services in the near future: “So we’re looking at being a little more holistic with the population we’re serving. Not just addressing maybe their sensory needs, or even directly their speech needs, but even their mental health needs as well.”


As Alta Pediatrics flourished, Kim’s current EMR at the time, HelloNote, began to show signs of strain. She identified performance issues that were taking a toll on her business. Additionally, it could not keep up with payments – she realized she had over $10,000 in outstanding payments! Alta Pediatrics needed a better billing tool to process payments and bill insurance, ensuring a steady flow of cash.

Kim recognized the need for more advanced tools to maintain her high standards of care. With an increasing number of clients to schedule and bill, she sought out software that could scale with her. She also set goals to streamline her workflow and created detailed documentation to align with her holistic approach to care. Given her limited time to train new therapists, it was crucial that the new EMR was intuitive. Of course, all of this had to be cost-effective. As Kim and Ryan expanded their business and saw more clients, they understood that this would require increased spending on advertising, location, and administrative costs.

Making the Switch

Kim and Ryan delved into the world of physical, occupational, and speech therapy software, scouring Facebook pages to uncover valuable insights from other practices. After sampling various options, including WebPT, they discovered that Fusion offered the highest cost-for-value ratio on the market. With Fusion’s advanced tools and intuitive interface, Alta Pediatrics can continue to expand without the need for extensive training sessions. During the Fusion demo, they noticed that the presenter was able to flow through various screens smoothly, something that was lacking in HelloNote, where the performance issues were frustrating.

“We wanted a balance for something that was going to be cost-effective but also was going to allow us to do all the critical things that we needed to be able to do. We saw we’d be able to manage payments. And we saw we’d be able to automate some of the things we were doing around insurance billing”.

Consistent Cash Flow

Alta Pediatrics initially collected upfront cash payments but struggled with obtaining insurance reimbursements. Their inefficient payment process resulted in a significant outstanding balance of over $10,000. After transitioning to Fusion, they successfully encouraged 90% of their clients to have a credit card on file, resulting in a remarkable improvement in their cash flow.

“When they come in, we’re essentially just clicking a button, checking them out and now we’re taking that payment. So we’ve gotten to a place where we had, you know, tons of open invoices or services that we provided that we didn’t really get paid for, to now, we’re really getting paid almost every single day as those services are happening. And then for the remaining 10%, we have a process in place where we actually just use Fusion to generate invoices and bills and send them out to customers to get paid.”

We extend our hearty gratitude to Kim Hurley and Ryan Camlin for not only opting for Fusion but also spreading the word about it. We always feel elated to hear how our customers utilize our EMR to bring positive changes in their clients’ lives. If you feel that Fusion is the perfect fit for your practice, book a demo! Our skilled product experts would be delighted to showcase how we can help you streamline your practice. And if you’re a current Fusion user interested in doing a case study, let us know!



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