Mental Health with Substance Use Recovery

Mental Health with Substance Use Recovery


Behavioral health your focus, software to support you.

Your Choice for Behavioral Health Record Software

EchoVantage gives you and your staff the tools to do everything you need, all in one place. We’ll help you streamline your workflow so you can focus on what matters.

Extensive clinical tools offer intuitive and flexible treatment planning systems, customizable forms to speed up documentation, and highly visual client files.

Client engagement tools like our portal and appointment reminders allow your clients to actively participate in their care, as well as sign, review and communicate information.

Administrators will love our robust state reporting tools, custom workflows, and data visualization dashboards.

The only visual-based behavioral health EHR

Easy to use, easy to learn, and easy to configure.

  • KPI Tracking: Easily measure what matters
    most to your organization and clients.
  • Insightful Visualizations: See the health of your organization and your clients’ outcomes at a glance.
  • Healthier Organization: Ensure our organization serves your clients and meets your revenue needs.
  • Better Client Outcomes: Help your clients get better results faster.

Who Uses EchoVantage?

Counselor speaking to a client


You're short on time, but not on clients. You want to relate to them, but you have to document your work, and you still need to get out of the office.

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You need the billing done on time, the data to be correct, and the software to be easy for you and all users. Insurance billing needs to be stress-free.

Administrator Working on Computer


You want to ensure the software works, users are happy, so you can focus on making it even better. Flexible configuration is a must-have.

Beautiful ethnic woman in formal suit smiling while having phone conversation and sitting at table in office


You want to grow, but you need an efficient and happy staff. You need to know the daily health of the agency with data you can trust.

15 Years

Average Customer Relationship

Partnership, experience, innovation.

EchoVantage is the only visual Continuum of Care timeline in the behavioral healthcare industry, providing your agency increased productivity, speed, and flexibility. For over 40 years, we have remained focused on making our partners clinically efficient and financially strong.

A behavioral health EHR built for everyone.

Substance use recovery is no longer a single focus; neither are we. EchoVantage responds to the variety of needs that encompass whole-patient care.



Easy-to-use software so you can focus on what matters: your clients.
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Mental Health

Mental Health

Enable collaborative care with an EHR that supports your ever-evolving needs.
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Drug & Alcohol

Substance Use

Use a single visual health records software that supports the care you provide to clients living with addiction.
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Foster Care

Foster Care

Rely on EchoVantage to focus on the families and the children, not the software.
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Family Services

Family Services

Keeping families together is challenging work - turn to EchoVantage as a trusted partner.
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Meet the needs of any residential client with our easy-to-use visual EHR solution.
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Get a Jumpstart with our CCBHC Toolkit

Becoming a CCBHC is no small feat – from SAMSHA grant applications to the transition to value-based care, it’s a challenge. But with EchoVantage by your side, you’ll have the partner you need to succeed. Our EHR software is not only visually intuitive; it’s also designed to streamline your workflow. And we won’t stop there – we’ll help you apply to become a CCBHC and guide you through the shift so that you can hit the ground running. We also offer a free toolkit to help you get familiar with CCBHC requirements.

What's in Your Toolkit?

  •  eBook: Understanding the Rise of CCBHCs
  •  eBook: Measuring Success: Your Guide to CCBHC Metrics
  •  eBook: How to Become a CCBHC
  •  eBook: The State of Technology in Substance Use Recovery
  •  Think:Therapy Podcast: CCBHCs: What to Know
  •  eBook: EHRs and CCBHCs

See Our Software In Action

We could talk about our highly visual EHR EchoVantage all day, but in the spirit of being visibly different, we’d prefer to show you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it does. Whether you need an individual or group session, you can complete your session online with our HIPAA-compliant telehealth solution.
Yes, you can use EchoVantage to electronically prescribe controlled substances. NewCrop’s integrated module works in 50 states and allows you to view a client’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program information.

Not yet, but Stripe integration is coming soon.

Yes, it does. Providers can use EchoVantage to check drug dosage, view allergies, interactions and history, audit for adherence and usage, check for signs of addiction, and more. Drug and alternative medication pricing are available in real time at the point of care.

Yes! EchoVantage offers a wide range of reporting tools that help measure the health of your organization as well as your clients’ outcomes in easy-to-read visual dashboards.
Not yet, but Apex support is coming soon, so stay tuned. You can still process and verify claims through EchoVantage’s billing features.
Yes, we do! EchoVantage provides support for any combination you provide and tracks your clients as they live in your residential properties.
The ease of switching can be dependent on a lot of things, but we strive to make your switch as easy and pain-free as possible!

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