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Meeting CCBHC requirements is a constant challenge. To fully realize the potential of being a CCBHC, you need an EHR built for outcomes-based treatments. EchoVantage has partnered with leading CCBHCs to ensure our platform has the treatment plans, reports and dashboards you need in one easy to use, visual solution.

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Becoming a CCBHC is a Journey

To become a CCBHC, you must follow a long list of requirements, which continually evolve with the industry standards and state regulations. Even when you meet them, you must then continually update and improve your agency and the services provided. You need an EHR that can scale with you along that journey. EchoVantage allows you to drive efficiency and clinical productivity while making your workload easier.

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Are You Grant Ready?

Grant funding is integral to CCBHCs. Filling out the application is always stressful and time consuming. We can’t do it for you, but we can help you get ready to apply. By switching to EchoVantage before applying for your grant, you can collect better metrics to build your history for National Outcomes Measurements System and Clinical Quality Measure requirements. Our comprehensive reporting tools will simplify data collection and help you show improvement if you’re applying for bonus payments.

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You Need Flexibility

CCBHCs can be managed at a federal level or a state level. But sometimes, states move between managing at state level and then back to a federal level. When these changes occur, the reporting requirements can change as well. You need to make sure your EHR can generate these reports and stays up to date with the latest developments. EchoVantage works with you to monitor changes to your state reporting and make any required changes to the process.


Your Choice for Behavioral Health Record Software

Just as CCBHCs are focused on whole-patient care, EchoVantage provides fully integrated solutions that allow you to get the full picture, for your agency and your clients. Seamless communication between modules means you’ll never have to re-enter the same data twice. We know you have to provide detailed reports that comply with specific regulations and provide the right metrics. Our reporting tools make this clear and easy, cutting the noise so you can hone it on the data that matters most. All that packaged in intuitive software designed to simplify your complex work.

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ShareNote Community

Practice management software for multi-specialty community behavioral health systems

ShareNote proudly serves Certified Community Behavioral Health Centers (CCBHC)! We understand the unique needs and challenges faced by CCBHCs and ShareNote is dedicated to providing a tailored solution.

Get a Jumpstart with our CCBHC Toolkit

Becoming a CCBHC is no small feat – from SAMSHA grant applications to the transition to value-based care, it’s a challenge. But with EchoVantage by your side, you’ll have the partner you need to succeed. Our EHR software is not only visually intuitive; it’s also designed to streamline your workflow. And we won’t stop there – we’ll help you apply to become a CCBHC and guide you through the shift so that you can hit the ground running. We also offer a free toolkit to help you get familiar with CCBHC requirements.

What's in Your Toolkit?

  •  eBook: Understanding the Rise of CCBHCs
  •  eBook: Measuring Success: Your Guide to CCBHC Metrics
  •  eBook: How to Become a CCBHC
  •  eBook: The State of Technology in Substance Use Recovery
  •  Think:Therapy Podcast: CCBHCs: What to Know
  •  eBook: EHRs and CCBHCs

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