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Catalyst ABA Data Collection Software for Professionals.

Catalyst ABA data collection software allows you to capture notes and signatures in customized templates, and input important assessment information. Collect skill acquisition and behavior reduction data in any measurement type you like, linking them back to customizable and automatic baseline, mastery, and maintenance criteria. Automatically generate progress reports with the click of a button and adjust the system to meet your unique needs.

The new Catalyst app is here. Faster. Highly reliable. Built for the future.

Now Featuring an Integrated Calendar and SOAP Note Session Matching

You asked, and we listened.  We built the new Catalyst app to be faster, highly reliable, and more intuitive. We added features such as background data syncing, visible trial numbers, the ability to pause timers, and more! And don’t worry, we kept all the features our customers know and love so we could make the best – even better. Keep your practice at the forefront of data software capabilities with the all-new Catalyst app. Schedule a demo today!

Automated Mastery, Maintenance, and Baseline Criteria

Optionally, you can automate mastery procedures. Define mastery criteria such as the number of trials required, percentage of trials etc., and Catalyst will automatically master out targets as goals are reached.

Automatically open failed baseline probes to be targeted in treatment. Move mastered targets seamlessly into different phases of maintenance to run at the times you specify. Once a target has been mastered, the next can automatically open into treatment.

Intelligent and customizable widgets give you, parents, administrators, and others the ability to view real-time data on recently mastered targets, lowest performing targets, targets trending up or down, and many other client data statistics.

Advanced Graphing Engine

Catalyst’s graphing engine is uniquely powerful and flexible. Customize your graphs in real time with up to twenty options. See your changes reflected immediately and perform analysis with condition lines, comparisons, trend lines, averages, splitting data by therapists and more.

It’s simple to print, save, share, and import graphs into Microsoft Word.

Any of your customized graphs can be printed, saved, and shared with one click. Users can import their Catalyst graphs directly into Word documents for reports and sharing.

illustration of Reporting using catalyst aba data collection software

Automatic Progress Reports

Shave hours off the time you spend creating insurance reports, home notes, and graph consolidation with our progress reports, all generated with the click of a button.

Use the extensive built-in templates or let us build a custom template to your exact specifications, including your own company branding and layout. Anything you’re looking for, we can handle!

Skill Acquisition Data

Easily collect the following:

Behavior Reduction Data

Graphs in the portal are almost infinitely customizable to your requirements, providing amazing precision and analysis in real time. The behavior screen is just one click away, no matter what you are doing in the system.

Integrated, customizable data collection

WebABA Integration

Supercharge your system when you use Catalyst and WebABA together. Because it is greater than the sum of its parts, the combination unlocks unprecedented streamlining and sophistication. Enhanced tracking and compliance based on payer requirements, smart scheduling with approved duration and staff credential and availability checking.

Billing integration pulls in codes based on staff session notes. Payments are reconciled, and EOBs are automatically posted to your system. Full integration with payroll and session notes with mobile documentation and scheduling means your staff can do their work anywhere, anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it does. Catalyst provides Catalyst Clinical Libraries, curated collections of various target types designed by Therapy Brand’s BCBAs. In addition, users have access to the community-built library, created by Catalyst users who have shared their curricula with the Catalyst community. Users can also create their own customized curriculum libraries that can be uploaded to Catalyst for all of your therapists to have easy access to.
Yes, it does. Catalyst integrates with all Therapy Brand’s practice management solutions, including WebABA Professional, WebABA Group, and WebABA Enterprise. This allows for seamless integration of Catalyst SOAP notes to flow over into WebABA to complete billing and allows therapists within Catalyst to see their appointments for the day.
Yes! Catalyst allows you to customize as many SOAP note templates as you need to document all session types.
Yes, Catalyst has offline capabilities. Even without internet access, you’ll still be able to record data and access features like session timers. However, you’ll need to connect back to the internet in order for your data to sync back into the web portal and update the graphs.
Yes, Catalyst allows you to generate treatment plans, progress reports, etc. over a specific date range for any student, pulling in your graphs automatically.
Yes! We offer integration with the VB-MAPP assessment. This allows therapists to complete the Milestones, Barriers, and Transitions assessments through the Catalyst platform. In addition to receiving automatic, filled-in scoring grids and VB-Mapp-specific reporting.
Yes. Catalyst provides a parent portal that can be tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that guardians have access to the data and notes required for effective collaboration, while maintaining compliance with regulations.
Yes, Catalyst provides free in-app onboarding guides to new customers. These guides are designed to help customers get started with the platform and are available at no additional cost.
Yes, Catalyst has the capability to auto-generate graphs. This feature allows users to visualize and analyze data with ease and without switching applications.
Yes, it does. Users can easily view appointments with their clients for the day within the Catalyst platform. This information pulls in from the WebABA platform.
Yes! Catalyst is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for all users to navigate. Catalyst also facilitates seamless communication between RBTs and supervisors and shared access to client information.
Yes, Catalyst enables users to customize behavior and skill acquisition goals according to individual client needs. Users can ensure a tailored approach by setting personalized targets, tracking progress, and adapting goals over time.


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