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Revenue Cycle Management

Insurance billing is a headache.

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The revenue cycle is one of the most important elements feeding the success of your practice. That’s why Therapy Brands partners with thousands of practices across the U.S. to ensure you can focus on caring for your patients while our expert medical billers focus on providing you with the healthiest billing cycle possible.   

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We'll Do the Heavy Lifting

It’s time to get rid of the headache associated with time-consuming collections, rejections and denials, long and difficult calls with patients and their insurance companies and the wasted time submitting claims and reconciling paymentsLet our team of experts handle the entire process for you while you focus on patient care.   

Grow with Revenue Cycle Management

Let us give you back hours of your time

Your industry is ever-changing.  Value-based care will become more and more important and increasing the efficiency in which your practice operates will be crucial to your success.  Here are some of the reasons you should consider outsourcing your revenue cycle management: 

  1. Increased Revenue – now you’ll have time to see more patients, while enjoying an increased collections rate by having full-time experts working on your behalf.

  2. Comprehensive Reporting – Enjoy complete transparency and insight to your billing cycle like never before with measurable KPIs easily viewed within your account.  

  3. Reduced Expense – Not only will you no longer need to hire a full-time biller, you’ll be able to spend less of your own time handling administrative tasks and be able to spend more quality time with patients.  

  4. Less Headaches – No more fighting with the payers or collecting from patients.  Arguably one of the most unenjoyable parts of running any practice will no longer be on your to-do list.   

What Does Our Team Do for You?

Review and submit your claims

Follow up on claims with no response

Review, correct, and resubmit rejected claims

Review, correct, and resubmit denied claims

Finalize completed claims

Provide feedback to help you streamline your billing process

Solutions for Every Practice

TheraNest Professional

All-in-One EHR that Lets You Focus on Care

Created by therapists for therapists, TheraNest Professional allows you to manage every aspect of your practice with a single system. Whether you’re a busy solo practitioner that needs more time to see clients or a growing group practice looking for more efficiency, TheraNest Professional has the solutions you need.

We know every practice is unique, so our software is highly configurable. You don’t work for your EHR, your EHR works for you. With intelligent scheduling, a convenient client portal and time-saving templates, you’ll work smarter, not harder.

TheraNest Enterprise

The Sophisticated EHR Your Need, Without the Complexity

TheraNest Enteprise is designed for large, multi-specialty or multi-location practices. That means we offer the advanced features you need to run them painlessly, without needless headaches. And with white-glove implementation and a dedicated success coach, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Documentation is easier than ever, with Wiley integration allowing you to write notes in minutes, not hours.

You’ll have all the clinical tools you need at your fingertips. Our reporting is designed to help you focus on what’s required to thrive and grow. Insights allow you to improve client outcomes, while detailed reports show you what drives your business.

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ShareNote Community

Everything You Need to Run a Community Health Practice

Our web-based solution is accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device. No need to run back to the clinic after fieldwork, you can document in real-time to finish your notes on time. ShareNote is easy to use, with flexible capabilities designed to support community health practitioners, from administrators to clinicians.

ShareNote’s billing promotes quicker ROI while we ensure you always have value-based care metrics at your fingertips. Our reports allow you to create a focused view of the most critical information for your team and auditors.


Fully Integrated Practice Management Software

Procentive is an EHR designed to simplify your substance use recovery agency’s complex workflow. Our comprehensive reporting meets state and federal regulations, while business analytics ensure you always have an eye on your practice’s health. Admin work is done with a few clicks, so you can spend more time caring for your clients.

Your agency has its own challenges, so we offer dynamic form templates that can be tailored to your needs. Workflows are ROI-driven to help you collect more and showcase value. And with our Stage II MU Certification, you can build stronger referral partnerships.


Adaptable Substance Use Recovery Software

Manage your agency from intakes to outcomes with TenEleven’s flexible management software. When we say you’ll get everything you need, we mean it. Our integrated MAT module keeps you safe and compliant while your clients receive the medication they need. Dynamic forms and clinical templates speed up documentation while allowing you to customize documentation as needed.

Comprehensive reporting tools keep you audit ready while giving you a bird’s eye view of your agency’s health. And for inpatient care, bed management maximizes occupancy and prevents clients from falling through the cracks—a better experience for staff and patients alike.

WebABA Group

Advanced BCBA Suite of Integrated Tools

WebABA Group was designed by BCBAs to make your daily work easier. The parent portal is optimized for mobile, so they can pay bills, join telehealth sessions, review notes, or sign documents, all online. Managing staff is easier. Create custom feedback and supervision forms that fit your practice. And speaking of templates, our custom forms turn complex documentation into point-and-click tasks.

Our unique documentation system helps you track complex BCBA RBT supervision requirements and BCBA experience hours. Our intelligent scheduler keeps up with vacation time and children’s schedule changes. You can easily check credentials insurance utilization caps to save time.

WebABA Enterprise

BCBA-Designed Enterprise Solution

Our software suite is made to streamline large or multi-location practices. Advanced capabilities and intelligent tools combine to make your workday easier. Easy data migration and white-glove implementation make the switch painless, so you can hit the ground running. Advanced automatic matching means your smart scheduler can help you find the right therapist for children.

Recurring sessions are easily added to save time. Take advantage of extensive customizable templates to create detailed documentation with a few clicks. Link your SOAP notes with rendered sessions to keep all your data in one place.


Drive Efficiency with an EMR Made for You

Fusion’s practice management software is used by more than 36,000 physical, occupational, and speech therapists. Our EMR will cut your documentation time significantly so you can spend less time behind a desk and more time helping your clients. From drop-down options for notes to customizable, industry-specific templates (including pediatric documents), clinicians have everything they need to speed up notes. Easily add HEPs to your client’s treatment plans. The task manager breaks down your day into a series of small tasks, so you can easily keep track of your to-do list.

TheraNest Lite

Small, Fast and Easy Practice Management Software

TheraNest Lite allows solo or small practices to get started quickly, easily, and without breaking the bank. You’ll get everything you need to run a mental and behavioral health practice with room to grow.

You’ve got a lot on your plate, so we make progress notes easy: choose from a library of templates to get fast documentation that works for your treatment plan. You’re a therapist, not an administrator, so TheraNest Lite allows you to breeze through admin work. We help you focus on care with an interface that even people who aren’t computer savvy can easily use.

Fusion Enterprise

Advanced EMR to Reclaim Your Time

Fusion Enterprise is for physical, occupational, or speech therapy practitioners who need more advanced capabilities. Access extensive clinical tools, like industry-specific forms that can be modified or created from scratch. Work smarter, not harder, with forms that offer auto-fill capabilities that flow forward.

Reporting covers every aspect of your practice’s operations to drill down on important elements with a few clicks. And to make it even easier, a graphical display helps you showcase client progress or clinical productivity. Measure MIPS KPIs easily with a Wizard that walks you through reporting.


A Visual Solution for Substance Use Recovery

EchoVantage collects and presents your data in a clear, understandable, and actionable graphical format. The highly visual workplace alerts you to the status of your tasks and provides links to get everything done. And the highly visual interface also makes it easy to visualize client outcomes, KPIs, and revenue.

Every agency is unique, so our EHR is highly configurable. EchoVantage will meet your workflows instead of forcing you to conform to pre-programmed layouts. Reporting requirements are constantly evolving. We keep up with changes so you can focus on your agency.

Screens Showing EchoVantage's UI


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