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Understanding the Claims Adjudication Process

Once a healthcare practice submits a claim to an insurance company, the bill will go through the claims adjudication process. This ebook helps you better understand that process, tells you mistakes to avoid, and offers insight into how you can simplify it all.

Mental Health with Substance Use Recovery

How CCBHCs Leverage Technology

Whether you want to become a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) or you need better tools to measure your organization’s impact, you need the right technology to enable you.

Applied Behavior Analysis

The Future of Education: Moving Forward with ESSER

The Elementary and Secondary Schools Emergency Relief Funds (ESSER), is intended to provide school systems with the resources they need to close post-pandemic learning gaps, as well as to address other needs. Learn more about the ESSER process, application, and potential uses in this white paper.

Mental Health with Substance Use Recovery

The State of Technology in Substance Use Recovery

The number of substance use recovery centers in the united states is rising steadily, but it’s still insufficient to meet demand. As the shift in value-based care continues, providers need to leverage technology to transition optimally.

Applied Behavior Analysis

ABA Data Collection Methods and Best Practices

By understanding the different data collection methods, ABA professionals can ensure accurate and efficient data collection, leading to better-informed decision-making and more effective intervention programs.