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The State of Technology in PT, OT, & SLP
PT, OT & Speech Therapy

The State of Technology in PT, OT, & SLP

It’s a challenging time to have an OT,
SLP, or PT practice – reimbursements
continue to go down and inflation costs continue to rise.

Applied Behavior Analysis

Evidence-Based ABA Therapy Techniques

One way of improving therapeutic effectiveness is through implementing evidence-based techniques. In this e-book, we focus on evidence-based ABA therapy techniques, as well as how to implement them to foster the best outcomes.

5 Tips to Switch to a New EHR During Your Current Contract
Mental Health with Substance Use Recovery

5 Tips to Switch to a New EHR During Your Current Contract

Don’t let your contract hold you back from making the switch your agency needs to streamline operations and boost revenue. We’ve got 5 tips to help you transition to a new EHR without breaking your contract.

precision medicine feature

Precision Medicine White Paper

Using genomics as a tool for individualizing patient care is the future of medicine. We’ll discuss how genetic screening offers a new level of confidence in medication efficacy.

epcs ready cheat sheet

EPCS 2023 Cheat Sheet

2023 state and federal mandates are now requiring many clinicians to use Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS). Find out when your practice will be affected.

prior authorization

Prior Authorization E-Book

Prior authorizations can be frustrating for providers, EHR vendors, and patients. This eBook dives into the importance of prior authorizations and provides guidelines for today’s healthcare professionals.