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Mental Health Awareness Month

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PT, OT & Speech Therapy

How to Build a Successful Cash-Based Practice

As Medicare, Medicaid and insurance reimbursement continue to decrease, interest in cash-based practices rises. We wrote a handy guide to help you establish a cash-based practice.

ABA Billing Roadmap
Applied Behavior Analysis

ABA Billing Roadmap

Maximizing reimbursement for ABA services requires efficient billing. Our ABA Billing Roadmap provides easy step-by-step instructions and tips for ensuring timely and accurate payment.

healthcare trends

The Future of Healthcare Delivery

Healthcare is evolving rapidly with various factors driving this change. To understand high-level trends and navigate this complex landscape, our e-book discusses dynamic trends such as AI, value-based care, rising healthcare costs, and more.

ehr interoperability, eprescribing software

Advancing Your EHR at a Fraction of the Investment

In order to grow in this competive market, EHRs must take a faster and smarter approach to sustaining a competive edge. Leveraging EHR interoperability to integrate with clinician-requested tools, like e-prescribing software, might be the long awaited solution.

functional behavior assessment template
Applied Behavior Analysis

Functional Behavior Assessment Template

Download our functional behavior assessment template to identify the why behind challenging behaviors in ABA therapy. This template can be used for children or adults receiving ABA therapy services.

Visual Schedules ABA
Applied Behavior Analysis

Visual Schedules for ABA Therapy

Download these free visual schedules for ABA to support your clients’ daily routines such as morning & bedtime, eating at restaurants, and more! Includes a blank customizable template.

Mental Health Billing Automation Software
Mental & Behavioral Health

The Guide to Mental Health Billing Automation

Automated billing systems have emerged as a game changer for mental and behavioral health providers, allowing them to streamline their billing processes and enhance their financial performance.

preference assessment aba
Applied Behavior Analysis

ABA Preference Assessment Template

Preference assessments help identify successful reinforcers for each client based on their unique preferences. Use this Preference Assessment to identify popular reinforcers like snacks, activities, and items.