incidental teaching aba
Applied Behavior Analysis

Should You Use Incidental Teaching Techniques in ABA Therapy?

The use of incidental teaching in ABA therapy has gained attention in recent years due to the benefits it brings clients. We explore how incidental teaching enforces skill acquisition and generalization, as well as how to implement it.

medical billing audit
Business Solutions

Common Questions About Medical Billing Audits

Conducting a medical billing audit is one of the most effective ways to ensure billing accuracy and compliance in your medical practice. In this article, we answer common questions about medical audits and how they are performed.

behavioral health documentation software
Mental Health with Substance Use Recovery

How To Reduce Inconsistencies in Behavioral Health Clinical Documentation

Poor documentation can have a range of consequences, from compromising patient safety to creating legal and financial issues. Fortunately, there are strategies healthcare professionals can use to reduce inconsistencies in clinical documentation and improve client care.

aba billing software
Applied Behavior Analysis

Why Use ABA Billing Software?

As a behavior analyst, you’re not expected to be a billing expert. However, the success of your business relies on accurate and efficient ABA billing. How does ABA billing software help busy providers like you, and should you consider using it? Read to find out.

Mental Health with Substance Use Recovery

Are You Following Up Effectively with Clients Post-Treatment?

The journey toward recovery does not end with the completion of treatment; it continues with robust follow-up and support. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of effective post-treatment follow-up and provide actionable strategies for providers to ensure ongoing care and support for their clients