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Claims Processing: What is Claims Adjudication?

When a medical claim is submitted, the insurance company decides whether or not to cover the entire claim. This is claims adjudication – a complicated process we break down into 4 easy to understand steps, with tips and best practices.

Mental Health with Substance Use Recovery

How to Manage a Prescription that Shows Signs of Abuse

When a client shows signs of abusing their medication, it’s essential to take action to manage the situation as quickly and effectively as possible. By analyzing client prescription data, practitioners can detect any patterns that may indicate substance abuse, including early-onset and long-term use of certain medications.

Mental & Behavioral Health

How to Create Effective Counseling Action Plans

Counseling action plans can improve the effectiveness of therapy in various ways. In this article, we explain what action plans are and how intelligent software tools can help you create them more easily.

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E-Prescribing Laws by State

While there are federal e-prescribe laws physicians must comply with, they are also expected to adhere to state specific laws. Learn the existing e-prescribe laws in your state.

Applied Behavior Analysis

How to Bill Insurance for ABA Therapy

Figuring out how to bill insurance for ABA therapy while managing your clinical work can be challenging. Intelligent revenue cycle management services can take the stress out of ABA claiming and billing, while maximizing the profitability of BCBA practices.

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8 Ways EHRs Benefit from E-Prescribe Partnerships

EHR and e-prescribe partnerships are becoming increasingly important in today’s digital landscape. EHRs that leverage e-prescribe partnerships can offer more comprehensive features, giving them a competitive advantage and increasing customer satisfaction. Learn more.

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PT, OT & Speech Therapy

5 Things to Nail Down Before Starting Your Physical Therapy Practice

You’re ready to start your own small physical therapy business! Whether you want to be your own boss or feel like you can better serve your community, it’s an exciting step. We have a few tips to help you during your journey to own your physical therapy practice.

Mental & Behavioral Health

Is My Eligibility Check Process Optimized?

It can be difficult to identify where improvements should be made and how they could benefit your practice, but if done correctly, optimizing your eligibility check processes can help make life easier for both providers and clients.

Mental Health with Substance Use Recovery

Developing a Vaccine for Opioids

Developing a vaccine for opioids offers hope for a future where opioid addiction and overdose are no longer major public health crises.