How TheraNest Helped Pathways Build an EHR that Worked for Them

How TheraNest Helped Pathways Build an EHR that Worked for Them

When Pathways Professional Counseling finally decided it was time to switch from a paper health records system to an electronic one—it was no easy task. Nonetheless, with new pressing needs emerging every day, it was a task that could no longer be put off.

With 23 counselors in 43 locations across the state of Alabama, finding an EHR that would work for Pathways Professional Counseling seemed a daunting task. Pathways was not only uniquely structured, but it also had very specific auditing and reporting needs that had to be met as a non-profit counseling practice.

Why TheraNest?

“EHR. Electronic Billing. Client Ledgers. Reporting. — TheraNest allowed us to do all of that, it was kind of a problem solver for the challenges we were facing.”

Lisa Keane, MAMFC, LPC-S, NCC

Pathways Professional Counseling Clinical Director, Lisa Keane, was charged with the challenge of finding an EHR that could work for Pathways Professional Counseling’s unique needs. In the short term, their needs were more simple, Pathways Professional Counseling needed an EHR system that could meet their auditing needs (without having to travel to each of their 43 locations) and allow them to bill insurance companies electronically. However, it was their long-term goal that was a bit more challenging: with over 23 very busy counselors, Keane wanted (and needed) an EHR system that would allow counselors to significantly cut down the time they spent on administrative work.

TheraNest was not only an application that fulfilled the short term needs of Pathways Professional Counseling, but it was an application that exceeded in fulfilling the longer term needs and wants of the company as well. TheraNest provided the reporting and auditing features that were important for Pathways Professional Counseling, while also greatly reducing the number of hours counselors were forced to dedicate to administrative work. TheraNest was able to cut down the time counselors spent on doing administrative work by two thirds.

See for yourself:

A System For Everyone

“We have people on our staff who range from age from 23 years old to all the way up to 72 years old. So I needed something that was going to speak across that whole age gap as well as just be incredibly user friendly and easy.”

Lisa Keane, MAMFC, LPC-S, NCC

TheraNest is a software that was developed to be used by anyone. As Keane put it, it doesn’t matter if you are a “technology dinosaur” or a “technology native,” TheraNest will meet your needs. The application was designed with ease of use in mind. With its easy to navigate layout and intuitive workflows that allow you to quickly accomplish the tasks you do every day, anyone can become a TheraNest user. Simultaneously, TheraNest is also filled with many additional features including in-depth reporting metrics, credit card processing, a Client Portal, robust therapy note templates, and more advanced workflows to help you gain unparalleled insight into your practice.

Built for Flexibility

TheraNest is built to meet the needs of its customers. In the pursuit of making the best application possible for our customers, we always welcome feedback on our current product and encourage suggestions for future features. This is why TheraNest was an awesome option for handling the unique needs of Pathways Professional Counseling.

“No EHR system is absolutely perfect for a practice like ours because none of them were built for practices like ours. However, in TheraNest we have found a system that works really well for us.”

Lisa Keane, MAMFC, LPC-S, NCC

TheraNest is flexible enough to meet the unique challenges many large practices face without the large investment of building an EHR system from scratch. Finding an EHR designed to meet every one of Pathways Professional Counseling’s unique needs would have been impossible. However, with TheraNest, Pathways Professional Counseling found an application flexible enough to help them manage their offices more effectively and efficiently so they could focus on what is most important: serving their clients.



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