PMC: Growing with Fusion

Located in Hagerstown, MD, the Pediatric Movement Center (PMC) provides children with speech, physical, and occupational therapy. Established in 2017 to address the limited availability of pediatric therapy services in the area, PMC has become a trusted provider of specialized care.

In 2020, PMC expanded its reach by opening a second location in Frederick, MD. Since then, this new location has thrived and grown, allowing PMC to add aquatic therapy and dietary services. PMC currently serves approximately a thousand patients across its three locations.


When PMC first opened, they experimented with multiple EHR systems that their therapists were already familiar with. Unfortunately, none of these systems proved to be successful for various reasons:

Pediatric Documentation

Most EHRs that specialize in physical, occupational, and speech therapy are solely focused on adults, so the built-in tests, templates, and other presets didn’t apply to PMC, so therapists struggled with documentation.

Speech Therapy Evaluations

Even in EHRs that focus on physical, occupational, and speech therapy, speech therapy often takes a backseat, limiting clinicians’ access to essential tools and hindering their ability to streamline their processes effectively.

Growing Pains

PMC has experienced significant growth and transformation, expanding from a single location serving less than 300 clients to now operating three locations that cater to over a thousand individuals. In order to support their continued expansion and maintain their commitment to delivering exceptional care, they sought a platform that would assist them in achieving these goals.

Accessibility of Tech Support

With the increasing prevalence of bots and AI, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for practitioners to connect with human tech support teams, especially for those practices that lack dedicated IT staff.

User Experience

Professional EHR solutions can often be frustratingly slow, cumbersome, and challenging to navigate, adding an unnecessary burden to therapists already struggling with time management. Trying to master intricate software only compounds their difficulties

Why PMC Chose Fusion

PMC selected Fusion due to its integrated pediatrics speech, occupational, and speech therapy tools, enabling them to maximize time efficiency.

“Fusion has made it easier for us to maintain high-quality notes without investing too much time. The pre-built templates for evaluations, progress notes, and reassessments are especially helpful. In my previous jobs and even in this one before we switched to Fusion, evaluating patients took much longer because I had to write a lot of narrative text, especially in speech therapy evaluations for children, since there were no good templates available. Fusion has helped me a lot in this regard, as there are now many pre-built templates that I can use to speed up the evaluation documentation process.”

Jacob Bal, MA CCC-SLP, Director of Operations at PMC
  • Built for therapists, by therapists, Fusion includes the tools needed to provide specialized care, without gaps in speech therapy documentation.
  • Highly accessible support and a dedicated representative means help is always available promptly.
  • Seamless credit card processing tools can handle more than a thousand clients in multiple locations to streamline billing.
  • Fusion’s flexible workflows are designed to scale, allowing PMC to get started and grow without hindrance.
  • The EHR’s intuitive interface helps therapists focus on caring for their clients and minimizes training time.
  • Pediatric-specific built-in tests, templates, and preset information save considerable time and effort without lowering documentation quality.
  • Fusion’s always evolving, allowing users to test and give feedback on new features so we grow alongside each other.

We extend our deepest gratitude to customer Jacob Bal from the Pediatric Movement Center for his support and participation in our case study. Mr. Bal’s commitment to the field of pediatric therapy and his willingness to share his valuable insights and experiences have been incredibly valuable to our research efforts. By allowing us to delve into the intricacies of his practice and the positive impact he is making on the lives of children, Mr. Bal has contributed to our understanding of innovative approaches in pediatric movement therapy. We are sincerely thankful for his partnership and the opportunity to collaborate in advancing the field of pediatric therapy.

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