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An Evolving Practice and an EHR System that Helps them Manage Every Step

An Evolving Practice and an EHR System that Helps them Manage Every Step

When Ryan Landinguin first opened her practice as a sole practitioner, she was just beginning to explore the realm of private practice. She had no idea that her practice would grow to over 25 therapists in just a short two and half years. She describes it as “good timing,” but we believe there was a substantial amount of work that got her where she is today.

Safe and Secure with TheraNest

RL Speech Therapy employs a unique private practice structure to meet the needs of its clients. Lacking a physical location, therapists contracted by the practice instead work with children inside the comfort of their homes. Though their unique structure is beneficial to their clients, it proved to be quite stressful in the beginning for Landinguin. As her practice continued to grow, Landinguin and her therapists were still using paper notes to document client progress.

As I explored HIPAA more, I started constantly worrying about these secure documents that were in my file bins being exposed.  

– Ryan Landinguin, M.S. CCC-SLP

Landinguin’s concerns about HIPAA and the safety of her health records, finally prompted her to switch to an electronic health record system. After trialing four different EMRs, RL Speech Therapy decided to go with TheraNest because of its functionalities and ease of use.

Centralization for a Decentralized Practice

We needed a program that was going to be user friendly and HIPAA compliant while meeting all of our needs: billing, scheduling, referral coordination, note taking.  

– Ryan Landinguin, M.S. CCC-SLP

TheraNest not only met all of those needs, but it also provided RL Speech Therapy with the consistency and oversight they had been missing. Not having a physical location meant Landinguin did not see her contractors and employees everyday. However, with TheraNest in general and our robust Calendar in particular, Landinguin now has a much better overview of her contractors’ day to day schedules. The ease of creating and adjusting appointments via the Calendar has also allowed RL Speech Therapy to better enforce their strict no-show policy, allowing the practice to become even more efficient with TheraNest.

All of the 25+ contracted therapists at RL Speech Therapy are required to use TheraNest for their note taking and charting purposes–centralizing the practice’s daily functions.TheraNest allows Landinguin to effectively manage her mobile practice, while staying within budget. With TheraNest, RL Speech Therapy does not pay for every practicing clinician, instead they only pay for the active clients they are seeing–greatly reducing their overhead.

Notes, Notes and More Notes

TheraNest’s design and capabilities make it easy to use across a breadth of therapy fields. With our ready made therapy note templates and the ability to create your own customized forms via the form builder, practices like RL Speech Therapy can be sure TheraNest will work for their growing practices.

“It allows us to streamline therapy and pick up where we left off quickly and easily.”

Ryan Landinguin, M.S. CCC-SLP

The ability to localize all notes to one application has meant increased efficiency and effectiveness for RL Speech Therapy. With TheraNest, therapists can take notes directly on their smartphones via the TheraNest mobile apps while they are in the homes of their clients. Landinguin emphasized how this not only significantly cut down on time spent doing paperwork during the week, but having notes completed in real-time has also lead to more overall accuracy.

An Evolving Practice and an EHR that Keeps Up

“Long term, my vision for our practice is to have multiple disciplines: physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, all working together as a team to treat a client.”

Ryan Landinguin, M.S. CCC-SLP

RL Speech Therapy contracts with and employs occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech pathologists. Landinguin’s goal for her growing practice is to create a team of professionals who can offer help in all the areas that her clients need. TheraNest serves as a unique EHR solution for Landinguin’s goals because it fulfills the note taking, charting, and billing needs of all the different therapists employed by RL Speech Therapy.

With TheraNest, RL Speech Therapy has found a practice management application that has been able to keep up as their practice continues to evolve.



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