How NUWAY and Procentive Work Hand-in-Hand to Continuously Improve

How NUWAY and Procentive Work Hand-in-Hand to Continuously Improve

Therapy Brands offers multiple software solutions and Practice Management Systems (PMS) designed to meet the needs of substance use recovery agencies. These agencies often operate under strict conditions, with detailed state reports required to maintain operations. In addition, substance use recovery agencies often have complex operational requirements because of their size and multi-specialty components. In this case study, we’ll highlight how Procentive works with NUWAY to help them meet state requirements, support them with custom forms, as well as provide them with a way to streamline their complex workflow.

State reporting was particularly important to NUWAY because of its status as a nonprofit organization. NUWAY’s mission is to provide overarching leadership and management to the behavioral health organizations under their umbrella, which are dedicated to supporting recovery housing access. NUWAY is dedicated to excellence: the organization was accredited by the Joint Commission in 2019, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota designated them Blue Distinction® Centers for Substance Use Treatment and Recovery in 2021. As such, they needed an EHR that could support their complex requirements and commitment to success and high-quality care.

Reporting and Billing Challenges

Because of the complex requirements for state reporting for nonprofits and substance use recovery, NUWAY couldn’t use the standard forms or tweak a template and call it a day. Procentive is aware of the challenges in reporting faced by agencies like NUWAY, so the team worked with them to build fully customized DSM-5-ready reports NUWAY could use. Procentive also made sure to tailor forms to NUWAY’s needs, so the nonprofit is able to spend less time on documentation. Julie explains, “Our forms are built to what NUWAY needs and help our staff work smarter, not harder.” This is especially important for a busy organization that has multiple facilities that focus on long-term recovery.

NUWAY’s billing department also explained that Procentive’s billing tools meet their needs in a way that other EHRs have not been able to achieve. A smooth billing workflow is extremely important, especially since many nonprofits are spread thin and often require multiple funding sources that can destabilize their agency. Substance use treatment is primarily reliant on public sources, and as such, is chronically underfunded.

An Ongoing Partnership for Continuous Improvement

NUWAY didn’t just need software; they needed a partner with an ongoing relationship that could evolve and grow alongside their needs. NUWAY can focus on improving how their clinicians work with Procentive by building forms that work for their unique needs. At Procentive, we believe that the software should apply to your agency’s needs, and not the other way around. Agencies change their processes, and states change their requirements, so we make sure you can adapt your templates to make work easier. NUWAY also keeps working with Procentive on customizing reports. They use 3400 reports daily to capture census information, and they’re still working on adding more information.

For agencies who don’t need custom builds, Procentive has a document sandbox with various templates. Browse or search for the templates you need (like initial assessments, treatment plans, and progress notes through discharge summaries), and we’ll add them to your system.

How Procentive Helps NUWAY Focus on Care

When clinicians compare notes from previous EHRs, it’s clear that Procentive’s system is much easier to use. Julie mentioned that “the clinical and charting module is easy to use for most users, including those with minimal technology experience.” Clinicians can focus on doing their job instead of learning how to use the software. Procentive also supports clinicians by allowing users to flag appointments or clinical documents with missing CPT codes. And unlike some other user-friendly EHRs, Procentive can still meet a practice’s complex needs. It sounds simple, but if the software you use daily is easy to use, that means you spend a lot less time trying to figure out how to do things. That time adds up, with less burnout, higher rates of successful outcomes, and more time to spend on the quality-of-care NUWAY is known for.

“We have been able to build the system to our needs.  Our forms are built to what NUWAY needs and help our staff work smarter not harder. Our billing department notes the system meets their needs that other EHRs have not been able to.”


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