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Podcast Episode 7: The Importance of Note-taking in Healthcare Organizations

Joining our host today is Jonay Meyer to discuss electronic note-taking in healthcare practices. Jonay is a seasoned forms consultant at Procentive with 7+ years experience building complex and customized forms for agencies. She brings her expertise today to educate all on the importance of paperless note-taking and the challenges that may come with this.

Jonay begins the conversation by discussing the importance of note-taking in practice management, the relationship between note-taking and insurance billing, and the impact of technology on note-taking, particularly how it allows clinicians to focus more fully on clients. The episode comes to a close with Jonay discussing some challenges practices face with electronic note-taking and how to simplify the process and eliminate these challenges. Accurate and effective documentation is essential to the success of any organization – especially so in the healthcare space – and in today’s episode, this industry expert shares her extensive experience and wisdom to show listeners how exactly to achieve this.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

  • Why note-taking is necessary in practice management
  • Exploring the connection between note taking and insurance billing
  • The influence of technology on note-taking
  • Challenges that come with note-taking and how to overcome them
  • Streamlining and simplifying the note-taking process
  • Advice to administrators struggling with note-taking


“Documentation is the organizational bedrock of good health care delivery and outcome tracking.”

“Note-taking is essential. It’s important for the clinicians to be able to document those services, any issues that there are in their approach to treatment and care”

“The last thing that we want to do is bog down clinicians with completing forms. So the easier the note taking is, the more clients they can help make an impact.”

“Documentation is key to insurance billing, to helping clinicians do their job quickly, efficiently.”

“Technology and note-taking allows the clinician to have access to the client, to keep records at their fingertips.”

“We all know the stereotype about doctor’s handwriting.”

“Asking does not hurt anything.”

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