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Podcast Episode 8: Hacks for Private Practice Management

Ed Wrzesinski, General Manager for the Procentive Electronic Health Record (EHR) practice management system at Therapy Brands, joins our host Sage for today’s episode. A seasoned Healthcare Executive with experience in the payer, provider, and vendor sectors, and an in-depth understanding of the healthcare market, Ed brings his vast experience to the podcast today to discuss tips for practice management and the role technology has played in managing private practices.

He begins the conversation by describing the evolution of technology in healthcare administration, and the reasons for some hesitation in adopting EHR practices in the past. Ed also discusses the great advantage that analytics tools provide for both small and large corporations as well as the benefits of networking to reduce the learning curve when managing a healthcare practice. The episode concludes with Ed reviewing the benefits of outsourcing practice management and also ways to improve aspects of practice management. Filled with experience, knowledge, and wisdom, Ed Wrzesinski is truly an expert in the field of practice management with so very much to share with listeners here today.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

  • The evolution of technology in healthcare administration
  • The challenges with EHR adoption in the past
  • Tips for practice management
  • How do analytics products save time?
  • Key advice for beginners running a private practice
  • The benefits of networking and joining an organization
  • Outsourcing practice management
  • Ways to improve the least efficient aspects of practice management


“In healthcare today, data is power.”

“Having equivalent data so that you can make intelligent decisions about how you’re running your practice is absolutely critical.”

“The more time-saving tools you have in your belt, the better.”

“One of the key things to really learn is to join an organization”

“You truly learn how to manage practice by doing it. And so having that network of folks that can help to bring you along absolutely can help accelerate that learning curve.”

“In the end, software for practice management, and time investment in practice management, end up being things that pay for themselves really quickly.”

“It can be hard to grasp and fully accept the concept of your practice as a business that, at the end of the day, has a bottom line that you need to nurture, but that is the truth.”

“If you don’t take care of the health of the business side of your practice, you’re no longer going to be in existence, to be able to help people. You know, it’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity to look after the financial health of the practice.”

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