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Podcast Episode 1: How Practice Management Impacts Client Outcomes

You are all very welcome to Perfecting the Practice, the podcast for behavioral health providers and administrators all about how practice management makes perfect. In this premier episode, our host Sage  is joined by industry experts, Nick Padula and Chris Kalb to discuss how practice management is the cornerstone of successful healthcare delivery, and how technology has a hand in shaping that success. Nick is the Executive Vice President for Therapy Brands Applied Behavioral Analysis Division, and Chris is the Executive Vice President of the Psychotherapy segment at Therapy Brands. Together, they bring their expertise today to give insights into how EHR systems have shaped the behavioral healthcare landscape. 

The conversation begins with Nick and Chris discussing their journeys in the industry and how technology has influenced practice management within it. They discuss the relationship between practice management software and the behavioral healthcare industry including how software saves time and increases productivity allowing healthcare providers to focus on helping people while also managing the business aspects of their practices effectively. They also engage in a brief discussion about telehealth and the impact of COVID on it, and round off with a discussion on the pain points of behavioral health practice management that technology tends to solve. Overflowing with information and wisdom gained through extensive experience, today‚Äôs inaugural episode provides the perfect springboard for this essential new podcast for behavioral health providers and administrators alike. 

The Finer Details

  • Nick and Chris discuss their journeys in the industry
  • Practice management from a technological standpoint 
  • How does practice management software influence the behavioral healthcare industry? 
  • Leveraging technology to save time and increase productivity 
  • How has telehealth changed the healthcare industry? 
  • The pain points of behavioral health practice management and how technology solves them 
  • The influence of EHR systems on the behavioral healthcare landscape and vice versa 
  • Impact of COVID on telehealth 


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