Practice management software made easy.

Practice management software made easy.

Less swearing, more caring

We create high-value practice management, clinical, and billing software made by and for therapists. Whether you are a sole practitioner, a group, or an enterprise practice, we offer all-in-one solutions that are easy to use and fast to deploy, and give you back time to spend with your patients.

One size does not fit all.

Streamlined notes, patient portal, scheduling, telehealth, prescription, billing—the features you need without the hassle you don’t.

Easy-to-use EMR, bed management, e-prescribing, billing, and MAT capabilities let you get back to the patients who need you.

On-the-go data collection, connected calendars, billing, VB-MAPP administration, EVV, and more. Spend less time with the computer and more time with the kiddos.

Robust EMR, customizable forms and templates, and dynamic flow sheets save you time so you can help more patients.

About Our Solutions

Made for you

Created by therapists for therapists, our solutions are easy to implement and use. They enable providers to focus on care by saving time spent on administrative tasks.


High value

Our industry-leading solutions are the best available and offer incredible value. Our team of health-care and technology experts serves more than 200,000 therapists, and we are committed to their success with a dedicated, friendly training and support team. 


Comprehensive, customizable

Our comprehensive, integrated workflows address the full range of therapy practice needs. They can be configured to work the way you do, and they’ll grow with your practice. 


A trusted partner

We deliver highly compliant and secure solutions that keep up with government and industry standards. We’re there when you need us. 

Demonstrated Reliability



1 Billion +

clients served on our platform


faster documentation and reporting


HIPAA, PCI, and state compliance

We get it

Demand for behavioral, mental health, and therapeutic care is rising dramatically, but the professionals who stand up and face these crises are increasingly forced to do more with less. Less funding. Less technology. Less support. Less time. Let us help.

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Not to toot our own horn too loudly, but we’re incredibly humbled, honored, and grateful to have been recognized by ghp Mental Health Awards. As well as Comparably (through employee feedback) as an all-around great place to work. Thanks, folks!

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