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Podcast Episode 4: How Important is Compliance in Healthcare Management?

In today’s episode, our host Sage is joined by Dr. Jessica Kasirsky to discuss the importance of compliance in healthcare management both in the physical space and software aspect of the industry. Dr. Kasirsky is the Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Regulatory Affairs at Therapy Brands where she is responsible for the patient safety of brands, regulatory reporting, and health care compliance.

Dr. Kasirsky begins the conversation by discussing her journey in the healthcare industry.  Having come from a family of healthcare practitioners, she has a background in emergency medicine and has since transitioned from the physical space into the software space to impact more people. She discusses the relationship between compliance, consumer trust, and industry safety in today’s episode and the importance of Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standards. She also discusses the misconceptions concerning healthcare compliance and how to ensure the aspects of security: technical, physical, and administrative. The episode concludes with Dr. Kasirsky describing safety breach stores she has encountered, and sharing her expert advice for healthcare administrators concerning compliance. As you listen in today, you will quickly discover precisely why Dr. Kasirsky is renowned as an exceptional speaker, communicator, manager, and motivator, as she effortlessly demonstrates the ability to render her abundance of often complex knowledge fully accessible to all.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

  • Dr. Kasirsky’s journey in the healthcare industry
  • Transitioning from the physical space to the software world in healthcare
  • Healthcare compliance, consumer trust, and industry safety – what holds them all together?
  • How software capabilities meet compliance standards
  • What are Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standards?
  • The impact of COVID-19 on compliance
  • What administrators and providers need to know about healthcare compliance
  • Misconceptions about healthcare compliance
  • Safeguarding the three aspects of security
  • Cases of HIPAA breach Dr. Jessica has encountered
  • Advice for providers and healthcare administrators


“I do miss the interaction with patients, but I feel like I can reach an impact so much more in the software space.”

“We cannot address the overall quality of care without first addressing a key component of quality, which is patient safety.”

“The ultimate goal, of course, is simply to improve the overall quality of health care, and better quality of care will translate into fewer medical errors, thereby increasing consumer confidence in their health care providers, and reducing medical malpractice suits. ”

“As patients move in the healthcare ecosystem, their health records must be available in a structured format that is understandable and exchangeable.”

“It’s the most important thing we can do – keep the data safe and do everything we can to keep personal health information secure.”

“There are so many moving parts to keeping people safe, and it seems to me that every participant has to have an equal level of prioritization on compliance in order for it to really work.”

“Security is a three-legged stool.”


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