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ePrescribe Implementation Checklist: How to Get Started with ePrescribe Software

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So, you’re working with a new electronic prescription software vendor. Congratulations on taking that step for your organization. If you’re new to electronic prescriptions or this is the first eRx integration your EHR has partnered with, onboarding your new technology doesn’t have to be a daunting task with this helpful guide. Even if you’re old hat at prescribing electronically, there are some steps to take to make sure your team is successful through the transition and beyond.

How to Prepare for the Implementation of ePrescription Software

Anytime you make a change like using new eprescribe software (even if it’s not for the first time), there will be a few kinks to work out. There are a few things you can do ahead of time to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible:

Appoint a Team Lead

While eventually you might want most of your organization trained in this type of software, to start get one or two people trained ahead of time, so they can help get everyone settled once it’s rolled out. Appointing a team leader who will be the one to act as a liaison with the software representatives can streamline communication and most effectively disseminate information through your organization

Work with a POC at the Software Company

Maintain relationships with your customer care contact at the software company, and they will continue to help you as your team gets used to using the new software. Even after your staff is comfortable, your point of contact can help you become a real pro and get more out of your software. Want a solution that isn’t currently offered? Notice a bug that needs fixing? Have an idea to improve usability? These are also great reasons to keep in touch with your contact.

Prepare your Billing Department

Though your billing team may not be actively prescribing medication, they will need to understand how their role is affected by the new or changed technology. Include a designated billing team member to make sure they understand how billing and payment collection is going to work moving forward.

Get Compliance in on It

Whether you are an EHR vendor switching eprescribe integrations or a practice onboarding the software for the first time, it’s a good idea to loop in your compliance team. There’s a lot of compliance territory that eprescribe ventures into that your team should be aware of. This includes data security, meaningful use, controlled substance prescribing, interoperability and more.

Put your Team through Training and Webinars

The easiest way to get your whole team up to speed quickly is to put them through training and webinars usually offered by the software company. Plus, your software provider will often use webinars to announce new updates and educate their users. Missing webinars is wasting an opportunity to better master the tools at your disposal.

Help Your Patients Understand How It Works

People are creatures of habit and don’t always adapt well to change. If you’ve had the same patients for years who are accustomed to print prescriptions, take the time to explain the new changes to them and what to expect when they get to the pharmacy. Remind and assure them in simple language that electronic prescriptions keep their information protected and make life a little bit easier.

What’s next?

Ready to get started with a new eprescribe solution? Contact us today to schedule a demo of NewCrop Rx and see how our team can help you on your journey to more effective and efficient prescribing.



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