8 Chiropractic Billing Resources

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The best chiropractic billing resources and tools are valuable assets every doctor, billing officer, and office staff should have. They offer excellent information to help you understand and complete billing forms to get paid in full. This allows your practice to provide quality care service, leading to increased patient experience.

All you need are the right resources and tools to simplify your billing processes. This article discusses the top chiropractic billing resources and tools to consider:

1.   ChiroCode Institute

The Chiro Code Institute is an educational health organization dedicated to helping you become a better chiropractor. It offers comprehensive online resources, education, and tools for creating successful and ethical practices for chiropractors.

You receive up-to-date information on current insurance codes, billing rules, and guidelines for better service delivery. The institute also offers assistance in the form of books, newsletters, seminars, and webinars to improve your billing and reimbursement.

2.   AAPC Online Learning

The American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) is an organization that offers online medical coding training courses. These courses teach the basics of medical coding, train students for certification, and help recently certified coders build careers in rewarding fields.

AAPC offers an extensive library of online courses and webinars on various topics related to chiropractic billing. Experienced industry experts create these courses and webinars to guarantee the best results out of your training. You access reading assignments, audio lectures, and other learning materials to help you pass your exams. 

3.   Chiropractic Billing Guide

The Chiropractic Billing Guide is an in-depth resource designed to help practitioners understand complex chiropractic billing rules, regulations, and coding requirements. It covers E/M codes, diagnosis codes, modifier usage, and more. This resource includes helpful tips and examples to enhance proper chiropractic billing and coding.

4.   National Correct Coding Initiative

The National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) is a government initiative designed to help ensure proper coding for Medicare and Medicaid Services. It provides a set of editing rules that help practitioners identify and eliminate the inappropriate use of certain codes.

NCCI, as a resource, fosters the correct use of coding methodologies or policies and reduces improper coding across the nation. The goal is to minimize improper Medicaid and Medicare claim payments.

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5.   Nexstar Network

Nexstar Network is a membership organization that provides resources and support to chiropractors. It offers coding, billing, reimbursement, more courses, and an industry-leading directory of chiropractic services and products. You receive valuable resources, such as online training and blog posts, to help you stay current on all chiropractic billing information.

6.   The ChiroBilling Network

The ChiroBilling Network is an open forum for chiropractic billing experts to discuss best practices, answer questions, and share tips for success. It’s a great place to learn from experienced professionals to properly bill for chiropractic services.

7.   The Coding Network

The Coding Network is a subscription-based medical coding resource that teaches medical billing basics and coding guidelines. The platform offers up-to-date coding information, including ICD-10 codes, HCPCS codes, and modifiers. You access the database of codes and resources to streamline your billing processes.

7.   Apex EDI Software and Resources

Chiropractic billing is a complex process, which becomes much simpler if you have the right resources and tools. At Apex EDI, we offer a full range of features and resources to simplify chiropractic claims processing, getting practices paid up to 12 days sooner. This is done through intuitive features such as OneTouch claims processing, real-time eligibility verification, electronic readmittance advice, and more. As well as comprehensive resources such as our Billing Guide for Healthcare Practices and Facilities. Our goal is to help you build a powerful revenue stream and understand insurance claims.

Our software is easy to use and works flawlessly with nearly all practice management software (PMS) vendors. Schedule a demo today to learn more about how our chiropractic billing solutions can help your organization.



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