Regulatory Compliance Quiz: Are You Ready?

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With ever-changing regulations, getting a grasp on regulatory compliance for e-prescribing can be challenging. To make it easier to understand, and to highlight the topics you need to freshen up on, we’ve compiled a short compliance quiz. Put on your thinking cap and give yourself a few minutes to answer the 10 short questions below. And don’t be embarrassed if you struggle a bit. Whether you score a perfect 10 or miss the mark on a few questions, we have the answers and solutions for you!

Regulatory Compliance Quiz

1) Which of the choices below represents a benefit of electronic prescribing?

  • A. Fewer lost prescriptions
  • B. Fewer stolen prescriptions
  • C. Decreased misuse of controlled substances 
  • D. More timely patient care
  • E. All of the above

2) What are two exemptions to the mandatory electronic prescribing law? Circle two responses below.

  • A. The practitioner provides a letter stating he/she was not aware of the new electronic prescribing law
  • B. A temporary technological or electrical failure prevents the practitioner from e-prescribing
  • C. The practitioner is deemed exempt because they are a graduate of an MD/PharmD dual degree program
  • D. The practitioner is issuing a prescription for a drug that will be dispensed from a pharmacy in another state.
  • E. The practitioner is granted an exemption because they feel that e-prescribing is a threat to freedom of religion

3) Which of the below represents the best collection of qualities to seek in a software and service company?

  • A. Great advertisements, flashy design, and great social media presence
  • B.  Toll-free customer support, flashy design, and free product demos
  • C. A Customer Portal, great advertisements, and great social media presence
  • D. 10+ years of industry success, Free product demos, A Customer Portal, and 24/7 Support

4) True or False: EPCS is entirely legal across all states.

  • A. True
  • B. False

5) Which of the following is the LEAST important quality to seek in your e-prescribing software?

  • A. Was recommended by a colleague
  • B. Offers superb reporting capabilities
  • C. Generates alerts for drug allergies and interactions
  • D. Facilitates two-way communication between the practitioner and a pharmacy
  • E. Has the ability to receive refill requests

6) Which of the procedures below can be used to obtain EPCS certification?

  • A. A third-party audit conducted by a CISA or qualified specialist.
  • B. A pre-scheduled ISO audit.
  • C. A certification process approved by the DEA and undertaken by an authorized organization.
  • D. An independent review performed by the FDA.
  • E. A and C
  • F. A and D

7) Which of the below is an advantage of EPCS-certified software?

  • A. Fewer errors
  • B. Facilitates state tracking of patient data across pharmacies
  • C. It helps “Future-Proof” your practice
  • D. Increased patient satisfaction
  • E. All of the above

8) True or False: “It is best to wait as long as possible to switch to electronic prescribing.”

  • A. True
  • B. False

9) What is the primary goal of EPCS certification?

  • A. To ensure the software is user-friendly
  • B. To make sure the software offers sound protection against security threats
  • C. To ensure the software is compatible with existing software platforms
  • D. To enhance a provider’s chances of passing an NCQA audit
  • E. To determine whether any optional features may be warranted.

10) True or False: EPCS Certification is time-consuming.

  • A: True
  • B: False
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Answer Key 

1) E. All of the Above.

Electronic prescribing helps minimize lost and stolen prescriptions while reducing abuse of controlled substances. The patient care cycle is also expedited.

2) B. and D.

An exemption to electronic prescribing laws may be granted in the event of an electronic failure or if the drug will be dispensed in another state.

3) D. 

When selecting a software and service company, it is best to seek one with 10+ years of industry success, 24/7 support, and a customer portal. Companies that offer a free product demo also tend to be industry leaders and more likely to have the resources to help you with onboarding and long-term support.

4) A. True

Electronic prescribing for controlled substances is now legal in all states

5) A. 

While we often seek guidance from our more experienced colleagues, technology and the advantages it offers is forever evolving. Choices B through E are qualities that are far more critical when choosing a software solution that works for you. And maybe you can be the one to recommend to your colleagues a solution to their regulatory compliance burdens.

6) E. A and C

EPCS certification can be completed through a qualified third-party auditor or a certification process pre-approved by the DEA.

7) E. All of the above.

EPCS-certified software aids with tracking, reduces errors, and boosts patient satisfaction because prescriptions are processed more quickly. At the same time, you prepare your practice for the future.

8) B. False

A full transition to e-prescribing is unfolding across the country, so it is not wise to wait as long as possible to make the switch. By starting the transition today, you can establish yourself as a leader in your local healthcare community.

9) B.

The primary goal of EPCS certification is to make sure the software is protected against cybersecurity threats, attacks, and breaches.

10) B. False.

EPCS certification might be a bit complex, but it is not time-consuming. In fact, you will actually save time in the long run by introducing EPCS-certified software to your workflow.

Calculating Your Score

Now that you’ve finished the quiz and calculated your score, you are ready to focus on compliance. If you scored 8 or higher, you have a great head start! If you scored between 5 and 7, then you could use a trusted partner to help you prepare for the future. If your scored lower than a 5, then give us a call at 888-236-1013 to find out how we can help you sharpen your focus on compliance.

Choosing A Trusted Partner For Secure and Compliant Software

Whether you aced our quiz or fell a bit short, there is always room for improvement in the compliance world. Our award-winning e-prescribing software can help put your organization on the path to improved accuracy and compliance today. We invite you to contact us to discover why over 40,000 doctors and 200 EHRs turn to NewCrop for our reliable software solutions. We look forward to becoming your single trusted resource for all your e-prescribing needs!



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