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Elements of an Effective EMR for Psychiatry

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Finding the best EMR for psychiatry is not as difficult as providers might think. The options can be overwhelming when you take into consideration that there are hundreds of EMR vendors on the market. Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) have been around for quite some time now. What this means is that the creators of the technology have had time to figure out what is most important and curate technology to really help providers do their job better.

The key to finding the perfect EMR for psychiatry is to find one with features that boost productivity, streamline workflows, minimize burden, and improve client satisfaction. The following features all promote a thriving psychiatry practice.

Features of the Best EMR for Psychiatry

Custom Templates

Templates are a great documentation tool that helps providers document quicker and more effectively. A quality EMR for psychiatry will come fitted with templates for progress notes, initial assessments, treatments, plans, discharge summaries, and more to help you always include absolutely everything you need to. Providers should look for a software solution with unlimited note templates for individual or group therapy.

Streamlined Scheduling

Integrated scheduling technology is critical to making sure your day runs smoothly and that your patients show up to their appointments. Quality software will enable a provider to create individual client appointments, group appointments, telehealth appointments, and multi-staff appointments. It will help you stay organized and save time, integrate with your client portal, send automated appointment reminders, and more.

Comprehensive Documentation

With an EMR for psychiatry being designed specifically for your specialty, the tool should already be equipped with all of the diagnostic codes and documentation templates you need to document comprehensively. Within a quality therapy notes tool, providers will be able to monitor and update treatment plans, create custom forms, store and manage client chats electronically, and easily find session notes to prepare for visits.

Integrated Billing

One of the best features that software can have is integrated technology. A quality EMR for psychiatry will have integrated billing technology to help you easily file claims both in a timely manner and accurately for the best odds of approval. With a tool like this, providers can easily collect payments, get paid on time, adhere to payer requirements, and more.

In-Depth Reporting

Data is how providers understand their practice on a deeper level. With quality reporting and analytics tools, providers can track and compare referral sources, run client case reports, understand client demographics, and access in-depth revenue reports that enable you to take steps toward growth and improvement.

HIPAA compliant Video Conferencing

Telehealth (virtual visits) is a must-see feature in today’s top EMRs for psychiatry. Telehealth is eliminating barriers to care for clients who need it by removing the need for transportation, offering more convenience, and overall improving the client experience while changing how providers deliver care. Today’s best electronic records integrate with a quality telehealth solution to simplify how you complete those visits.

Client Portal

Client portals are an essential tool for increasing client engagement. Increasing client engagement has a huge impact on how seriously a client takes their care, how likely they are to adhere to their provider’s plan, and how often they visit. The client portal can act as a central communication hub where they can easily reach out to you, schedule appointments, pay their bill, and more.

Quality Customer Support

Questions are bound to arise when it comes to using technology that has a wealth of features and benefits. It is important to find a vendor of EMR for psychiatry that takes customer support seriously and is ready to be there when you need them. Their support team should be available during practice hours to help you get your questions answered and resolve any issues.

Cloud-Based Technology

Cloud-based technology is essentially data storage that takes place over a secure internet connection rather than on an in-house hard drive. This makes data much more secure and protected from software malfunctions, computer crashes, and more while also making it more accessible to providers with authorized access.

By focusing your search on finding an EMR for psychiatry that has these benefits and features, providers can narrow down the options available to them and truly find the one that will help them the most.



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