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Cover of the Think:Therapy podcast with Maria Perrin
Think:Therapy is your go-to source to stay up-to-date on mental health care industry trends. Join us on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Amazon Music for our easy-to-fit-in 20-minute conversations with industry leaders.
Your EMR can help you practice data hygiene to help you make sure you’re only collecting relevant data needed by your practice and to ensure client data is safe and remains private.
The use of incidental teaching in ABA therapy has gained attention in recent years due to the benefits it brings clients. We explore how incidental teaching enforces skill acquisition and generalization, as well as how to implement it.
Therapy Brands, a leading practice management software provider, is pleased to announce that Carter Adkinson has joined the company as the chief sales officer. In this new role, Carter will drive the company’s revenue and growth strategy, foster collaboration, and oversee sales and business development activities.
Therapy Brands, a leading provider of practice management software, is pleased to announce that Param Hegde has joined the company as the chief technology officer.
Therapy Brands recently received Comparably awards for Best Company Outlook, Best Marketing, HR, and Product and Design Teams. Comparably is a highly regarded compensation, workplace culture, and career site that grants these coveted awards based upon anonymous employee feedback.
E-Prescribe Regulations and Patient Safety
Join host Londin Mair and guest speaker Brian Farley as they discuss new e-prescribe regulations, and how they benefit patient safety and medication adherence.
Join guest host, Amber Thomas, Therapy Brand's Chief Compliance Officer, and guest speaker, Chuck Ignolia, President & CEO at National Council for Mental Wellbeing as they discuss some recent regulatory updates, which include some exciting changes in the Medicare program.
mental health crisis in children
The mental health crisis in children has been a growing concern over the years. Children and adolescents are facing increasingly complex challenges in their daily lives, from academic pressures to social media influences, family dynamics, and societal expectations. As a result, many young individuals are experiencing heightened levels of stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders.

Downloads & Resources

Implementing a Whole-Person Approach to Care for CCBHCs
We wrote this eBook to provide strategies CCBHCs and other substance use recovery and behavioral health organizations can use to implement and integrate whole-person care models successfully.
Medication Adherence
Ensuring patients take their medication as prescribed is crucial for optimal treatment outcomes. This e-book provides tools and strategies for physicians to improve medication adherence.
aba collaboration
Collaboration between BCBAs and other care professionals can help our clients better acquire new skills. This e-book provides strategies for successful collaboration in ABA.

Case Studies

As Alta Pediatrics flourished, Kim's EMR began to show signs of strain. Alta Pediatrics needed a better billing tool to process payments and bill insurance, ensuring a steady flow of cash.
When Ashley Williams created her private mental and behavioral health practice, she needed a practice management solution designed to save her time without burdensome startup costs. And with TheraNest, she found out she could easily scale as well.
How NUWAY and Procentive Work Hand-in-Hand to Continuously Improve
In this case study, we highlight how Procentive works with NUWAY to help them meet state requirements, support them with custom forms, as well as provide them with a way to streamline their complex workflow.

Fusion the best EMR for physical therapy

36,000 providers can't be wrong! See why Fusion is the best EMR for physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy practices.

Discover How Fusion’s RCM Services Can Empower Your Practice

If you calculate the time staff spends chasing claims, calling insurance companies, and reaching out to payers, you might find it exceeds the costs of revenue cycle management (RCM) services.

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