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Cover of the Think:Therapy podcast with Maria Perrin
Think:Therapy is your go-to source to stay up-to-date on mental health care industry trends. Join us on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Amazon Music for our easy-to-fit-in 20-minute conversations with industry leaders.
When a medical claim is submitted, the insurance company decides whether or not to cover the entire claim. This is claims adjudication - a complicated process we break down into 4 easy to understand steps, with tips and best practices.
When a client shows signs of abusing their medication, it's essential to take action to manage the situation as quickly and effectively as possible. By analyzing client prescription data, practitioners can detect any patterns that may indicate substance abuse, including early-onset and long-term use of certain medications.
Therapy Brands, a leading provider of practice management software, is pleased to announce that Param Hegde has joined the company as the chief technology officer.
Therapy Brands recently received Comparably awards for Best Company Outlook, Best Marketing, HR, and Product and Design Teams. Comparably is a highly regarded compensation, workplace culture, and career site that grants these coveted awards based upon anonymous employee feedback.
Therapy Brands is pleased to announce that Amber R. Thomas has joined the company as the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO).
Rates of anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation have been rising in America's youth over the last several years.
CCBHCs help establish a national standard for what a comprehensive behavioral health center looks like and how it can serve its community.
Home-based services enable wider access to care and promote independence. Join us for a 20-minute conversation with Steve Vaccaro from HHAeXchange on EVV.

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While the flexibility of IOP treatment plans offer greater earning potential, it can also lead to more billing hurdles. This eBook simplifies IOP billing for a more profitable organization.
Once a healthcare practice submits a claim to an insurance company, the bill will go through the claims adjudication process. This ebook helps you better understand that process, tells you mistakes to avoid, and offers insight into how you can simplify it all.
Whether you want to become a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) or you need better tools to measure your organization's impact, you need the right technology to enable you.

Case Studies

How NUWAY and Procentive Work Hand-in-Hand to Continuously Improve
In this case study, we highlight how Procentive works with NUWAY to help them meet state requirements, support them with custom forms, as well as provide them with a way to streamline their complex workflow.
This case study will demonstrate how WebABA’s RCM services have unraveled complex billing and revenue collection methods to create an efficient and seamless process for ABA agencies like Autism House.
How TheraNest Helped Pathways Build an EHR that Worked for Them
When Pathways Professional Counseling finally decided it was time to switch from a paper health records system to an electronic one—it was no easy task.

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