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Catalyst Data Collection Software Demo

Enjoy a Quick Look of Catalyst’s ABA data collection software!

aba data collection software

Discover What Catalyst Can Do for You

Join Matt Kooken for an inside look at Catalyst’s industry-leading data collection software. Designed by and for BCBAs, Catalyst is designed to make data collection and analysis quicker and easier, with improved accuracy. It’s perfect for enhancing your data management while improving client outcomes.

In this software demo, Matt showcases some of Catalyst’s capabilities:

  • Data Input and Real-Time Tracking: Watch how Matt effortlessly inputs data on skill acquisition, behavior reduction, targets, and more. Equipped with tools like duration timers and customizable templates.
  • Automated Reporting: Discover how Catalyst empowers you to generate tailored reports that highlight crucial insights and progress trends. 
  • Advanced Graphing Engine: Matt showcases how Catalyst’s graphing engine helps you visualize data in meaningful ways, providing a clear and comprehensive overview of client progress. 
  • And more.
Watch Now.

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