Fusion Selected as the #1 EHR for University Programs

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Fusion Chosen for University Programs

In the University textbook, Documentation Manual for Occupational Therapy (5th edition), Associate Chair and Teaching Professor Dr. Crystal A. Gateley, PhD, OTR/L, and Clinical Associate Professor (Retired) Sherry Borcherding, MA, OTR/L, endorse Fusion as the best choice for university students majoring in occupational therapy. They note that Fusion, an all-in-one EMR priced at $199 per year for university programs, provides a cost-effective and seamless introduction to the world of electronic documentation.

Fusion is designed with simplicity in mind, making it easy for students to navigate. With a quick and hassle-free setup, students can dedicate their time to learning therapy rather than struggling with software. As one student from Rockhurst University put it:

“My experience using Fusion was great. It was so easy to learn. I learned how to use it within one day and was able to navigate it very easily”.  On top of its user-friendly interface and helpful prompts, Fusion offers an extensive collection of Knowledge Articles and videos to assist students and faculty in exploring its multitude of features.

Start Fast, Hit the Ground Running

Fusion is a web-based platform, which means it requires no setup or installation. Students and instructors can access Fusion from any device anywhere they can access the internet, so they don’t have to purchase or access specific devices.

Fusion includes pre-loaded content tailored to physical, occupational, and speech therapy, like activities, goals, and standardized tests to minimize the setup time. Instructors can load their own content for a personalized curriculum if they prefer.

fusion docs

Gateley and Borcherding benefit from Fusion’s affordable $199 annual university subscription, which provides unlimited access for faculty and staff. This eliminates the need for multiple subscriptions and ensures smooth access even in larger classes. Despite its affordability, Fusion offers a comprehensive range of capabilities, including seamless integration of scheduling, documentation, billing, and administrative features in our all-in-one EMR. This ensures a holistic view of every aspect of a practice. Students can gain hands-on experience in every aspect of client care, from intake to discharge, and explore various roles to better equip themselves for their professional journey.

“It’s been really useful to get to know how to use different databases, so you are ready when you have to go out in the real field. My favorite part about Fusion is that everyone is able to see what the clients are up to, their goals, and all of the notes we have on them.”

– Gannon University student.

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Mastering Electronic Documentation

Gateley and Borcherding assign each student a client. To enhance their learning experience, students are required to use Fusion to complete evaluation and session notes, and also compare written and electronic SOAP notes to familiarize themselves with formatting differences. Fusion simplifies the teaching of SOAP notes through its structured format. Each segment has its own tab, providing clarity on the SOAP process and ensuring easy access, clear structure, and efficient organization. The objective sections come with pre-loaded activities to document various metrics, offering a more versatile and realistic experience.

Fusion also allows students to build, set mastery levels for, and track SMART, FEAST, and COAST goals with any metrics they choose, including percent, minutes, seconds, feet, times, degrees, trials (x/y), yes/no, assistance levels, and more. And with Fusion’s visual goal tracking, future therapists can master data visualization for case studies.

“It was perfect. It was good at adding different things from past visits and you can rearrange everything perfectly the way you want to. I really loved it.”

– Fusion User,  The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Additionally, Fusion’s documentation is directly linked to its billing process, helping students develop a deeper understanding of the connection between documentation and billing. Gateley and Borcherding explain that practitioners must document their sessions in such a way that it justifies the billing codes they used. As they note, poorly written or inaccurate documentation leads to payment denials, so it’s essential for students to master the intricacies of documentation and billing codes before starting their professional lives.

Fusion is no stranger to higher learning recognition; in addition to the University of Missouri, our EMR is trusted by Washington University in St. Louis, the University of Pittsburg, Tufts University, the University of Wisconsin, and the Virginia Commonwealth University. Schedule a demo today if you’re ready to join the educators training the next generation of physical, occupational, and speech therapists.



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