ePrescribe Means Cost Savings for EHRs

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Over the past decade, electronic prescriptions have become an integral part of healthcare providers’ operations. In 2020, 84% of prescriptions were created electronically. That’s up from 66% in 2017.

Prescribers are actively looking for robust ePrescribe solutions to simplify the prescription process, improve the experience for their patients, and minimize errors.

EHR providers are facing pressure to add a high-quality ePrescribe feature to their offer. That’s where reliable ePrescribe partners come in. They help EHRs design a comprehensive solution for practitioners without incurring high costs of additional software development.

Let’s take a closer look at why ePrescribe provides significant cost savings for EHRs.

Designing a Comprehensive Tool

Prescribing practitioners are under a lot of pressure to follow regulations related to electronic prescriptions. Since January 1, 2021, Medicare requires all controlled substances under Part D to be prescribed electronically.

The benefits of electronic prescriptions are so overwhelming that working without a robust ePrescribe system puts healthcare providers behind the competition. It also leaves them vulnerable to errors and lawsuits. That’s why practitioners are taking advantage of ePrescribe solutions that make writing and transmitting electronic prescriptions easier.  When considering EHR systems, practitioners are looking into ePrescribe features that come with it. This puts pressure on EHR providers to give their clients a full set of services.

Designing a new ePrescribe feature from scratch is time-consuming and costly. Losing clients simply because the option isn’t available is out of the question. That’s why collaborating with an ePrescribe partner becomes the most convenient and cost-friendly choice.

Reducing Client Churn  

With dozens of high-quality EHR systems on the market, providers face fierce competition. As new technologies develop and the legislature changes, you need to work harder to hold on to the existing market share.

To stay on top of your game and retain loyal clients, it’s imperative to ensure the quality of your offer. Otherwise, you could end up struggling to maintain the appeal of your system.

With more and more practitioners implementing ePrescribe, leading EHR providers are adding them to their solutions. By providing a full set of features, you can keep clients satisfied as the legislature progresses to make e-prescriptions mandatory across the country.

By working with an ePrescribe partner, it’s possible to keep clients on board and cut costs associated with high churn rates. Meanwhile, by implementing e-prescriptions into your solution, you can appeal to new clients and steal market share from other EHRs.

Cutting Marketing Costs

EHR marketing is a complex process that involves a variety of tactics. Appealing to healthcare providers requires significant financial and time-related investments. Trying to promote a product that lacks a significant part of a comprehensive offer can be complicated.

EHRs need to stress their interoperability and integration options to show potential clients that their systems work with ePrescribe. Even with paid advertising, trying to compete for “EHR with ePrescribe” keywords can be tough unless they truly match your offer.

Having the ePrescribe feature in the system can help you cut marketing costs and design an effective campaign, thus putting your solution ahead of the competition.

Scaling Your Solution

With new technologies sending electronic records to the cloud, fortifying security, and improving client experience, EHR providers need to expand their solutions regularly. Doing this without a highly demanded element can be problematic. Designing this element from scratch means investing significant amounts of money into research and development.

By taking advantage of a ready-to-go ePrescribe solution, you don’t need to worry about it working with your system as it expands. It’s up to your ePrescribe partner to get the job done and ensure seamless integration with the system. Meanwhile, such integration can keep clients happy and cater to practices of your chosen size.

If you decide to scale your solution in any direction, a high-quality ePrescribe system can change with it. You won’t need to spend significant amounts on scaling the ePrescribe software, thus gaining time and money to work on your growing solution.

Improving Your Reputation

While you are swimming through the stormy sea of client attraction and retention, you are constantly working on the brand’s reputation. As competitors come and go, EHRs struggle to keep their name on top of the clients’ list.

By designing and providing a high-quality solution, you cement a good brand reputation and ensure awareness for the target audience. This can help you cut sales and marketing costs while turning clients into brand ambassadors.

Without an ePrescribe component, it’s nearly impossible to become an industry leader. Adding a powerful element to your solution can help improve brand reputation, bring in new users, and streamline client retention.

Fighting the Opioid Crisis

ePrescribe has become one of the key tools that help American providers fight the opioid crisis. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, electronic prescriptions became highly demanded. EPCS reduced prescription fraud and allowed practitioners to help patients remotely.

Since the opioid crisis is still in full swing, the United States government is regularly coming up with programs and incentives that make it beneficial for healthcare providers to join the battle.

By implementing an ePrescribe solution into your system, you are giving your clients a powerful weapon, which in turn can help them beat the crisis.

Start Cutting Costs By Improving Your Offer with ePrescribe

The significant popularity of electronic prescriptions coupled with the changing legislature turned ePrescribe software into a must-have tool for practices of all sizes.

Practitioners are looking for EHR systems that offer integrated ePrescribe features. Meanwhile, EHRs that fail to make ePrescribe part of their offer are staying behind the competition.

Designing an ePrescribe component from scratch requires significant investments into R&D. By working with an ePrescribe partner you don’t just cut development costs, you improve your offer, boost your reputation, attract new clients, reduce churn, and join the battle against the opioid crisis.

At NewCrop, we have been offering electronic prescribing services since 2003. Our ePrescribe component is installed in 200+ EHRs nationwide. If you’d like to learn more about cutting costs with our ePrescribe solution, please contact our team at any convenient time.



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