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Free CEUs for BCBAs

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Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are credits that behavior analysts obtain from classes, seminars, and/or other events to remain certified by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB). These events are intended to expand practitioners’ knowledge of emerging treatments, best practices, new developments and ideas in the ABA space, etc. – in order to improve clinical outcomes for their clients. The Therapy Brands ABA team offers free 1-hour educational videos that allow you to obtain CEUs. You can access all of our current CEU offerings in our CEU library.

What are the CEU Requirements for BCBAs?

To maintain their BCBA status, BCBAs need to complete 32 CEUs every two years. This includes 4 CEUs focused on ethics. If they are in a supervision role, an additional 3 supervision CEUs are required. General CEUs can be earned for topics not related to ethics or supervision.

It is important to fulfill the CEU requirements within the two-year period to ensure the acquired knowledge remains current. It is not possible to make up lost CEUs after the expiration date, nor can extra units be carried over to future years.

How Can I Obtain CEUs?

You can earn CEUs via three types of activities for your BCBA certification.


Learning activities include attending events offered by Authorized Continuing Education (ACE) Providers, completing didactic behavior-analytic graduate courses with a passing grade, or participating in certain BACB certification activities. Attending ACE events requires documentation from the ACE Provider, and each 25 minutes of learning equals 0.5 CEU. Completing graduate courses requires syllabi and transcripts from university courses. And lastly, participating in BACB certification activities doesn’t require additional documentation.


Teaching activities include teaching ACE events and/or university courses in behavior analysis at an accredited, degree-granting university. To earn CEUs from teaching ACE events, BCBAs need documentation from the ACE Provider that demonstrates they taught an ACE event, and each 25 minutes of instruction equals 0.5 CEU. To earn CEUs from teaching university courses, BCBAs need a letter from a department chair indicating they taught a university course.


Scholarship activities include publishing an article on behavior analysis in a peer-reviewed journal or writing a review or decision letter for an article on behavior analysis submitted to a peer-reviewed journal. To earn CEUs through publishing an article, BCBAs need a PDF of the final published article, and one publication equals eight CEUs. To earn CEUs through writing a review or decision letter, BCBAs need confirmation from the journal, associate editor, or editor, and one review/decision letter equals one CEU.

More information about how to obtain CEUs can be found in the BCBA handbook.

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Free CEU Opportunities

While there is great value in the information offered during CEU events, finding these events can prove to be time-consuming, challenging, and/or costly. Considering Behavior Analysts need CEUs to continue serving their clients, organizations often take advantage of this by offering them at costs of their own discretion.

That’s why the Therapy Brands ABA team has put together several free 1-hour educational videos that allow you to obtain CEUs. You can access all of our current CEU offerings in our CEU library. Some of our topics include:

VB-MAPP: Beyond the Milestone Assessment – 1 General CEU

Price: Free

Join guest speaker Liz Maher, Med, BCBA, who shares knowledge on more ways to use the VB-MAPP program effectively for your clients, and best practices to administer and show the importance of the additional VB-MAPP assessments such as the Barriers and Transitions assessments.

ABA Supervision: RBT and BCBA Supervision and Mentorship – 1 Supervision CEU

Price: Free

Our panel of clinicians explores best practices for effective supervision and mentorship between BCBAs and RBTs. We dive into 2022 BACB updates and discuss real-world scenarios.

Establishing Ethical Marketing Strategies Part 1 & 2 – 2 Ethics CEU

Price: Free

If you’re looking to grow your ABA business but don’t know much about marketing – and even less about marketing that complies with HIPAA and BCBA Ethical Guidelines – then this webinar series is for you. Allison Milam, MS BCBA, and marketing experts Renae Rossow and Brint Roden, discuss several effective marketing strategies to grow your business while remaining compliant. This is a two-part series in which attendees can earn 1 Ethics CEU at each event.

Access our free CEU library to see other CEU offerings, and stay on the lookout for more as we’re currently working on future events.

If you’d like to know about our next virtual CEU event, have a topic you’d like to see us cover, or are interested in being one of our professional guest speakers to boost your resume or share your latest research, complete the form below.



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