Prevent Claim Denials with e-Prescribe Software

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As a health or wellness organization, you know all too well the problems involved with medical claim denials. Denied prescription claims can cause major confusion, and trying to rectify the situation for patients can be utter chaos and prolong their treatment.

Any medical practice or EHR still using outdated e-prescription software is not maximizing their potential to prevent denied claims. Take a look at these ways an evolved e-prescribing software like NewCropRx will help you make informed prescribing decisions and prevent claim denials before they happen.

To learn more about how e-prescribe software can prevent headaches like denied claims, contact us today to schedule a live demo of NewCrop.

1. More Automation for Prescribing Medications

No doubt you benefit from automation elements already through your EHR. Using it to gather patient data and prescribe medications helps bring about even more efficiency and lessens the workload of your administration staff.

Automation allows you tap into the latest changes in insurance requirements, government regulations, and diagnostic codes. Enlisting the help of an e-prescribe tool that keeps track of all of that for you will lift the burden from your thinly-stretched staff.

Besides, backtracking to find out where mistakes occurred and fixing them takes far too much time. For a patient who needs a prescription now, a denied claim can hurt doctor-patient trust and, simply, hurt.

2. Integration with an EHR Adds Safeguards

When you integrate an e-prescribe solution with your EHR, you’re able to get even more out of both software solutions.

EHR integration is key when it comes to medical software, but not all software may integrate seamlessly. When looking into new e-prescribe programs, choose one you know will be able to meld with your EHR through an API.

Linking these tools not only provides a seamless user experience, it also means your e-prescribe tool is hooked up to other solutions in your EHR, like billing programs or a clearing house, that can track the entire claims cycle from beginning to end. This means you have reinforcements in your battle against claim denials. So, even if something goes awry within the e-prescribe program, your EHR integration allows you to bring in the cavalry.

3. Real-Time Access

You want an e-prescribing software that can access patient history, benefit information, and any sort of regulations or managed care formularies in real time. You already know how fast things can change in the medical world and a human staff is not able to keep up with this information the way an online tool can.

Let’s take a closer look at this concept. Insurance companies are always updating their benefits in what they cover and don’t cover. They could suddenly decide not to cover a particular drug your patient needs. With an e-prescribe software that is always up to date, even when it comes to managed care formularies, you can prevent claim denials by prescribing medication you know will be covered. This saves everyone including the patient time and frustration.

Prescription Drug Monitoring (PDMP) is another example of how real-time access can help your practice. A PDMP is a database identifying patients who may misuse prescription opioids or other prescription drugs and are at risk for overdose. Be aware of these patient concerns at point of care with the help of an advanced eRx solution.

4. Additional Background Information on Patients

Patient backgrounds are very important for any kind of e-prescribing software, especially granular data on patients. The more information you have, the more informed your prescribing decisions are.

Complete histories or patient-specific genomic information helps provide all the proof insurance companies need when it comes to justifying claims. Most importantly, the software should include information on any potential drug allergies the patient might suffer from.

Also, any history on prior drug-drug combinations is essential to prevent any serious patient complications. Staying on top of these patient details saves potential troubles later.

5. HITRUST Certification Prevents Further Mistakes

Information risk management should become a top priority for your medical organization in a time when all data can become easily compromised. Many organizations now use HITRUST due to its stellar security protocols in protecting all information.

So, when searching for a quality e-prescribe software, HITRUST certification is a must. This is the global standard for safeguarding all your medical information. Using HITRUST methodology reduces claim denials by prioritizing and preventing security and privacy risks. It also keeps you compliant without any lapses.

Not all medical software adheres to HITRUST, but always ask about it when looking for new platform solutions. Because HITRUST certification is such a rigorous process, some e-prescribing vendors overlook this in favor of other security technology that’s not nearly as reliable.

6. e-Prescribing Software for Niche Medical Practices

What if you happen to be a dentist, therapist, dermatologist, or even a veterinarian? You need a reliable prescribing platform that meets the unique needs of your practice and its patients. Not all vendors offer customization to help provide information dentists and veterinarians need.

Being able to electronically prescribe to your unique patients provides great convenience. And a patient in pain at your dentistry office or one of your patients struggling with their mental health shouldn’t be on the phone with insurance companies because of a preventable denied claim.

If this applies to you, specialty medication program support is something else to look for to add value for your patients or EHR practitioners. The world of pharmaceutical drugs is still complicated and sometimes expensive, making every feature in benefit of the patient a must-have.

At NewCrop, we design e-prescribe software for EHRs and practices of all specialties and sizes. We work to create solutions that have a positive effect across the entirety of your workflow, like preventing claim denials. Contact us to schedule a demo and learn more about our comprehensive features.



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