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Help Patients Thrive Wherever They Are

Empower patients to continue care with your providers from the comfort of their home with a seamless and secure telehealth experience.
a behavioral health provider offering a telehealth counseling session for her patients.

A More Inclusive Treatment Option

With Integrated Telehealth from Procentive, you can expand your patient care with a more inclusive treatment option, meeting with patients who may have experienced roadblocks when it came to making their in-person appointments.

Procentive’s in-app integrated telehealth platform is easily accessed directly through your EHR

Maintain steady revenue by reducing cancellations and patient churn.
Improve patient care with a secure and convenient treatment option.
Streamline your workflow with tools like scheduling, billing, and session notes.
Seamlessly communicate and send documents to patients.
Female psychologist, psychiatrist looking at webcam digital tablet

When it comes to meeting with patients, telehealth is a game-changer – even as we emerge from the pandemic.

Integrated Telehealth from Procentive allows you to continue offering a convenient treatment option, even as our world shifts back to something a little more familiar.

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