Therapy Brands is Committed to Racial Equality

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People of different races joining hands during a meeting

At Therapy Brands, we believe Black lives matter. As recent events have once again highlighted racial injustices in our country, it is increasingly important our customers and employees know where we stand. We at Therapy Brands know that the fight for racial equality has had negative impacts on the mental health and access to care for the Black community.

It is our responsibility right now to listen, support and take action to create positive change. We stand in solidarity with our Black employees, customers and fellow humans, and vow to be an agent of change going forward.

One of Therapy Brands’ guiding values is ensuring everyone has access to the mental healthcare they need. This mission is what motivates us to go to work each day. Currently, two out of three Black Americans who need access to mental healthcare do not receive it. This inequity is compounded by ongoing gaps in care that Black Americans experience. They are less likely to receive guideline-consistent care or be offered either evidence-based medication therapy or psychotherapy; less frequently included in research and are more likely to use emergency rooms or primary care as their only source for mental health services. We recognize there are deeper systemic issues adding to the challenges to the statistics above.

Now more than ever, the services our customers provide to the community are vital, especially for the vulnerable populations they work with every day. We are passionate about providing the tools and resources our customers need to continue to make a difference in the lives of the people they care for.

We’ve learned from our customers that change begins with the desire of one person to make a difference. Therapy Brands commits to making a difference by:

  • Creating opportunities to listen, learn from and support our Black team members by creating small discussion sessions.
  • Training all employees on diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias.
  • Ensuring our employees are aware of the resources available to them, such as our Employee Assistance Program, which offers free counseling sessions.
  • Understanding where we stand as a Therapy Brands family with respect to our diversity profile, so we can determine additional actions we should take from a mentoring, coaching, career pathing and recruiting perspective.
  • Encouraging employees to use company-provided volunteer hours to make an impact in their communities.

We are dedicated to listening to our employees and customers, committed to learning about how we can do better as a company and have pledged to fight racism in all its forms.


The Therapy Brands Family



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