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Mental Health Awareness Month

Think:Therapy – Meet A Customer: Laurie Meyer

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November 2023 Issue 

Meet Laurie Meyer, Corporate Compliance Officer 

North Home Children & Family Services 

Grand Rapids, Minnesota 

What does North Home Children & Family Services do? 

Our mission is “to provide a community-based continuum of compassionate care to children and families.” We understand that every individual and family is unique, so we offer a wide range of services designed to meet their specific needs. We have multiple programs to support the mental-health needs of our clients – all within one organization. Our programs cover adoption, foster care, rule 29 outpatient mental health, outpatient substance use, children’s residential services, adult rehabilitation mental health services (armhs), targeted case management and children’s therapeutic services & supports (CTSS) in many Northern Minnesota communities and more than 20 school districts. We currently have 320 team members and serve over 4,000 clients annually. 

Why do you use Procentive?  

Because we provide a variety of services, it’s not an easy task to find one EMR system that can handle documentation and billing capabilities for all our programs. We’ve been with Procentive since 2013 and have always had an excellent collaborative relationship. We’re building professional forms and reports and using the billing capabilities as we expand into new areas.  

This past year, we were working towards becoming a Certified Community Behavioral Health Center (CCBHC). We’ve worked very closely with the Procentive team to build out the current system so that it would meet the specialized reporting and billing needs for this new model of care. Anytime we‘ve run into a hiccup while putting the CCBHC system into place, the Therapy Brands leadership team has stepped up and worked to meet our needs. 

How does Procentive help your mission?  

It helps us keep client files up to date and makes the billing process for most programs fairly easy. There are many new reporting mandates under the CCBHC certification and we’ve been working with Procentive to ensure the system captures the needed data and created reports that work for the relevant licensing and governing bodies. 

What is one goal your business would like to achieve as you head into 2024? 

Of course, like most other agencies, continuing to grow our staff is high on our priority list and Procentive helps streamline required clinical staff documentation. We moved from Procentive in 2021 for a year but the clinical staff were so unhappy with the alternate system that we came back in 2022! It wasn’t an easy or inexpensive transfer but it was so worth it to have our Clinical staff productive and happy.  



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