Is Electronic Prescription Software Easy to Use?

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electronic prescription software

If you’re a busy healthcare professional, the idea of incorporating another software system can be concerning. And, as you’re looking into electronic prescribing software, it makes sense to question “Is e-prescribing software easy to use?” The answer is yes, it can be. Depending on the software you choose for your electronic prescribing, it can be as straightforward as many EHRs or practice management systems. Also, depending on the interface, you can learn to navigate the software with little training and get started quickly.

What Makes E-Prescribing Software “Easy to Use”?

When you hear “easy to use” I’m sure there are certain functionalities that come to mind. That might include the simplicity of the interface itself, access to quick support and training, accessibility, and more. Since easy means something different to everyone, let’s look at the actual features that support e-prescribe integration:

User-Friendly Interface with Intuitive Navigation

An important aspect of electronic prescribing software is its usability. The interface is designed with an understanding of healthcare professional’s busy day-to-day workflows. Clinicians can look forward to a straightforward interface and an easy-to-understand navigation. Plus, features that make the actual prescribing process easier and safer: automatic refills, allergy and ADE alerts, complete patient history, etc.

Seamless Integration with Existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems

A seamless integration with your existing patient management software is a large factor in e-prescribe’s ease of use. By integrating the two systems, there’s no need for duplicate data entry and the prescribing process can be streamlined. This results in improved efficiency and reduced risk of errors. Not to mention, you can avoid disruptions in your existing day-to-day workflow.

Minimal Disruption to Existing Workflows

Introducing new technology into an existing workflow can be disruptive. To avoid disruption, electronic prescribing software is designed to fit into existing workflows with minimal disturbance. As mentioned above, e-prescribe software is compatible with EHRs. This means you can access patient information, review medication histories, and transmit prescriptions to pharmacies without having to switch between different systems or applications.

Comprehensive Training and Support, Plus Responsive Customer Support Teams

While the software might be easy to use, you still want available resources for when you’re first learning, have questions, or want to learn more about its capabilities. With comprehensive training resources and a responsive customer support team, it’s easy to ensure the software works for you.

Built-In Clinical Decision Support Tools

Electronic prescribing software also makes it easier to ensure your patients are safe with built-in clinical decision support tools. These tools provide real-time access to patient medication histories, drug interaction alerts, and formulary information. This helps you avoid medication errors and ensures you’re prescribing the most appropriate and cost-effective medications for patients.

Accessibility from Any Device

Whether you’re busy and often on-the-go or you’ve incorporated different software into your practice, this feature is beneficial to you. Because e-prescribe systems can be securely accessed from any device, you have the luxury of where and how you use your software.

E-Prescribing Software: An Inside Look

While there are more benefits to electronic prescribing software, the features mentioned above are insight into the minimal workload and stress involved with adapting e-prescribing software. Also, please note the features above refer to NewCrop’s industry-leading e-prescribing software capabilities. It’s not safe to assume that all software has the same functionality.

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