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The Meadows 

The Challenge 

The Meadows is one of the nation’s leading treatment programs for trauma, drug and alcohol addiction, sex addiction, and eating disorders. In the past 40 years since its founding, The Meadows has expanded to four separate campuses in its Wickenburg, Arizona location, a facility to treat eating disorders in the same city, another inpatient recovery center in Princeton, Texas and additional outpatient facilities in Scottsdale, AZ, Dallas, TX, and Sunnyvale, CA. 

The Meadows had a need for a singular solution to manage all aspects of billing for their mental health and substance abuse recovery treatments, from charge generation to collections. The business office at The Meadows, which was responsible for the billing at each of their locations, needed patient data to be quickly and easily accessible as they processed bills and insurance claims while ensuring timeliness and accuracy. For the vice president of revenue cycle management, the capacity to analyze large amounts of data and organize it in a way that helped anticipate and address problems with payments was also a key priority. 

The Solution 

The Meadows partnered with Logik Solutions to simplify the complex process of billing and claims management. This enabled The Meadows to streamline tasks and be more efficient for all levels of their facility operations team. With Logik, billers are able to easily enter patient information on admit, generate room charges, import pharmacy charges, manually enter other charges, submit claims via their partner clearinghouse, and follow up with insurance companies on payments. Once the account has been billed, the system is able to track revenue by a billed or unbilled status. 

“One of the most impactful aspects of Logik’s system is how easily accessible it makes patient data, which saves us significant time on billing,” said Tracy Livingston, VP Revenue Cycle Management at The Meadows. “Billers can easily pull up the patient information by account number, name, date of birth, or a number of other parameters. They can then enter and attach all the necessary information to complete the transaction, including financial agreements, insurance cards, and correspondence from the insurance company.” 

Logik’s reporting features also allow Livingston to create reports that help her delegate tasks effectively, including lists of accounts for each collector to use. In addition, she creates monthly reports for the CFO to discuss issues in the revenue cycle as they arise, such as the aging accounts receivable. Livingston can identify problems with specific client accounts or broader patterns that may point to underlying issues by looking at trends by payer, short pays, paying according to contract and self pay balances. With proactive reporting made possible by Logik, issues can be addressed quickly and efficiently to improve the revenue cycle. 

The Results 

“Using Logik for all our facilities allows The Meadows to save hours of time on billing and have adequate coverage in the event that a staff member is out,” Livingston said. “The system is extremely user friendly which makes our processes significantly more efficient.” Throughout, the Logik team was there to support The Meadows with a strong understanding of their business challenges. “I’ve had a very good working relationship with the team at Logik through the years I’ve been here and it gets better every year,” Livingston said. “They truly understand our needs.” 

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