CoverMyMeds, NewCrop Partner To Offer First Prior Authorization Solution for Electronic Health Records

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COLUMBUS, Ohio –CoverMyMeds (CMM) a healthcare technology leader, and NewCrop, the leading provider of electronic prescribing services, have partnered to offer the first compelling prior authorization (PA) solution to Electronic Health Records (EHRs).

NewCrop’s more than 175+ EHR vendor platforms are now enabled with a fully automated PA process, which implements the NCPDP Standard transaction, allowing providers to electronically submit complete and correct PAs. Prescribers using an enabled EHR will be able to send a PA prospectively at the time of e-prescribing, or, retrospectively if a PA is started by the pharmacy.

“Bringing the PA process to the point-of-prescribing helps patients get on their medications faster, and better adhere to their therapies,” said CoverMyMeds co-founder, Matt Scantland. “This also means that prescribers are taking advantage of electronic prior authorizations which have faster turnaround time and in some cases, real-time response.”

The PA process is a major obstacle for prescribers and their staff, requiring several hours each week spent away from patient care ensuring patients get on their prescribed medications. This process has traditionally relied heavily on phone calls and/or faxes, and can take days to complete. For providers using EHRs, this means interrupting workflow to toggle between devices and screens to find, complete, and send PAs.

By working together, CoverMyMeds and NewCrop have made it easier for providers to do this work seamlessly from inside their EHR improving workflow. The integration will save time because the correct PA request is selected and a majority of the patient demographics and medical details will be auto-populated.

“By incorporating the PA process into the prescribing workflow, NewCrop now provides a time-saving and efficient solution to a long-standing problem,” said Lawrence Susnow, M.D., Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer at NewCrop. “We selected CoverMyMeds as the ideal partner to leverage the real-time connectivity inherent to e-prescribing, creating immediate benefit for doctors, their staff, and their patients.”

About CoverMyMeds

CoverMyMeds is the leader in automating prior authorizations (PAs), and the first step in patient adherence. Prescribers and pharmacies have submitted over 8 million PAs, and other coverage determination forms through our automated system. We were recently named the 8th fastest growing healthcare company by Inc 500|5000 in 2013. Organizations that wish to benefit from electronic prior authorization for prescription drugs can contact us at 866.452.5017 or visit CovermyMeds.

About NewCrop

NewCrop is the leading electronic prescribing service and has been deployed in a wide range of EHRs and medical networks since 2003. The company’s user interface allows for rapid installation of fully expedited e-Prescription networking, as well as Meaningful Use certifications, lab integration, secure messaging, registry reporting, DEA-compliant EPCS audit, and more. All services are available as an integrated user interface and/or data services for all individual features, facilitating easy and flexible installations to fast track network and Meaningful Use 2014 certifications. For more information contact us.



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