Prior Authorization E-Book

Prior Authorization: Compliance, Cost-Savings, and Complete Patient Care

Although the process is well-intended, ePA is frustrating for providers and EHR vendors as it feels limiting and restricting to the care process. For patients, prior authorization can present as confusing and disheartening, slowing down their access to important prescriptions and care. This eBook recounts the history and importance of prior authorizations as well as provides guidelines for the healthcare professionals of today.

Secure, Accurate, Compliant

Real-Time Benefits

Delivering essential medication and benefits information within the prescribing workflow.

Prescription Drug Monitoring

NewCrop PDMP program tracks controlled substance prescriptions in a State providing greater transparency 

Drug Review

Drug-drug, allergy, duplicate therapy, drug-disease, dose checking all within the interface.

Electronic Prescribing For Controlled Substances

Address Opioid Fraud

Send prescriptions for controlled substances securely and electronically from prescriber to pharmacy.

Increase Workflow Efficiency

Reduces phone time spent between pharmacy and provider.   

Regulatory Compliance

Ensures providers are up to date with existing regulatory legislation. 

Flexible & Intuitive

  • Rapid installation – go live in a little as 2 weeks 
  • ALL managed care formularies – including Medicare and Medicaid
  • Realtime benefit information
  • electronic ordering of durable medical equipment
  • ONC certification support

Leveraging Benefit Data to Improve Patient Satisfaction at the Point of Care

prior authorization