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7 Proven Benefits of Using a Mobile-Responsive E-prescribing Tool

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Mobile responsive e-Prescribing makes it more effective and convenient to send prescriptions to a patient’s selected pharmacy, where the rep will fill them right away.

The tool should contain the fundamental elements of the top medical software, giving healthcare providers a complete look at a patient’s prescription history, even if they haven’t seen them before. Furthermore, utilizing a tool that is compatible with all devices (computer, phone, tablet, etc.) is more convenient as you can operate it from anywhere. Let’s look at the benefits of using a mobile-responsive e-prescribing tool.  

Why Mobile Responsive E-prescribing Is Effective for Your Health Facility

From the physician in the patient room to the pharmacy who presents the drugs to the patient, e-Prescribing using a mobile responsive e-prescribing tool has significant advantages. 

1. Saves Time on Refill Requests

Medical office workers spend a significant amount of time answering prescription refill requests. Prescribers can automatically examine, authorize, and submit medication refills using their mobile devices. Consequently, the staff will be able to attend to more patient-focused responsibilities. 

Mobile e-prescribing also aids patients who have medication refill emergencies while traveling. Even if the physician is not in the office, they can send the appropriate information through the tool for that patient to get their medication – saving time and avoiding patient harm.

2. Reduces Prescription Errors

Simple mistakes account for the majority of medication errors. E-Prescribing can help reduce these errors by, for example, proactively detecting drugs known to cause hypersensitivity reactions.

Additionally, e-prescribing ensures that the patient gets the right medicine through an automated prescribing system known as rational prescribing. This practice helps to improve prescription integrity and, with a compatible e-prescribing tool, can be done from anywhere, on any device.

3. Encourages Accurate Dose Calculation

Another positive aspect of e-Prescribing is that it can help with dose calculation. This is especially important for children using drugs with weight-dependent doses. 

Initially, these calculations were performed manually and were prone to human error. However, a mobile responsive e-prescribing tool can help to better determine pediatric doses in outpatient settings.  

4. Pharmacists Spend Less Time Verifying Prescriptions on the Phone.

Several drugs come in a variety of forms, strengths, and dosages. Prescriptions that are correctly written save pharmacy personnel time because they don’t have to call the physician to confirm orders. The drop-down options in mobile responsive e-Prescribing software push prescribers to fill out all the essential details for a prescription.

Many of these systems rely on generic medication dictionaries and require specialized fields to be filled out before sending an order. By having accurate data in every prescription, mobile e-prescribing saves both parties time.

5. Prescribe and Monitor Controlled Substances Easily.

e-Prescribing systems allow you to send controlled substance prescriptions to pharmacists the same way daily medication is done. This improves the healthcare team’s workflow efficiency and patient convenience. You could also keep track of how many forbidden drug prescriptions a patient holds, reducing the risk of overprescribing and doctor shopping in general.

Electronic prescribing will also enable you to monitor data across various pharmacies more easily. You can use the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP), a web-based database that gathers detailed information on the substances supplied in your state. Also, note that when filling prescriptions for Schedule II, III, or IV controlled medications in states that need e-Prescribing, you must consult the PDMP.

6. Prescribe Insurance-covered Medication with Ease

Most e-Prescribing software applications assist prescribers in selecting generic medications that are more likely to be paid for by the patient’s insurance. 

Once patients are provided prescriptions that they can afford, they are more likely to stick to their treatment regimen. Also, there is a higher chance that the patient will comply with the required pharmacological therapy if the costs are more affordable.

7. It Saves Your Facility Money.

According to a report by the eHealth Initiative, e-Prescribing could save the whole US healthcare system up to $29 billion, with $27 billion saved straight by:

  • Sending prescriptions electronically to pharmacies
  • Detecting medication duplication when different doctors prescribe the same drugs.
  • Alerting prescribers of cheaper generic alternatives.

Now, imagine how fast you can e-Prescribe using your phone. The process is fast, and can save you money on overhead costs as you’re not limited to writing prescriptions in the office. Additionally, by incorporating mobile responsive e-Prescribing, we can save the remaining $2 billion indirectly by reducing prescription errors, which would result in more intervention and visits.

NewCrop: Trusted Mobile Responsive E-Prescribe Software

Through EHR integration collaborations, NewCrop helps thousands of healthcare practices administer their electronic prescriptions. the compliance world. Our award-winning e-prescribing software can help put your organization on the path to improved accuracy and compliance today. We invite you to contact us to discover why over 40,000 doctors and 200 EHRs turn to NewCrop for our reliable software solutions. We look forward to becoming your single trusted resource for all your e-prescribing needs!



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