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5 Must-Have Benefits of e-Prescribe for Small Practices

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The integration of e-prescribe (or eRx) software has solved a variety of problems for practices of all sizes and disciplines. Some smaller practices, however, are still wary of implementing changes and understandably so. These tools can be expensive and the time it takes to learn them pulls small staffs away from their busy day-to-day. But, despite these challenges, even the smallest practices have much to gain from implementing e-prescribing software. Here are 5 important benefits that e-prescription software offers small medical and mental health practices.

1. Prescription Accuracy

Making a mistake is human, but an error made when writing a prescription could cause serious issues down the line.

Prescribe the right medication the first time every time. E-prescribe software like NewCrop gives you a comprehensive look at the patient’s history. We make sure you have all the information you need at point of care to ensure your patient is prescribed the best medication for their treatment plan and insurance coverage. This way, you can avoid blunders with commonly-confused drug names, harmful interactions, wrong dosages and save your patient hassle at the pharmacy counter.

2. A Positive Patient Experience

Besides minimizing headaches with incorrect prescriptions and insurance companies, e-prescribe software can further enhance your practice-patient relationship. With more resources available at point of care and features like prescription tracking, you can better engage and educate your patients on their medication. The end result: more informed prescriptions, less nonadherence, and happier, healthier clientele.

COVID-19 has also forever changed the way practitioners administer care. E-prescribe software minimizes contact points, keeping everyone a little safer. Plus, either as part of your EHR or as a standalone solution, e-prescribe tools such as NewCropRx are an essential part of any telehealth-adapted practice. Continue treating patients without disruption to their care or your revenue stream no matter what the world throws at you.

3. Streamlined Workflow

Yes, getting yourself and your staff not only up and running but up to speed using new technology can take time. But in the long haul, e-prescribe software will streamline your workflows and make your practice more efficient.

E-prescribe software not only saves you time in determining which prescriptions to write, it can help save time at every point of your practice’s function. Cut down on valuable hours wasted rectifying claims denials, verifying orders with pharmacies, or replacing lost scripts. By optimizing your administrative time, you are freeing up your calendar for new patient intake and improving the overall profitability of your practice.

4. Cutting Costs

E-prescribe software is not a low-budget solution, but it helps you make the most of the resources that you already employ – like payroll – so you get more for your buck. It also helps increase the retention rate of patients, decrease turnover, and leads to a better reputation, which all mean more cash coming in. According to a Surescripts study, e-prescribe can save the healthcare industry between $140 and $240 billion over 10 years. The ROI of an eRx software is undeniable.

5. Compliance

Electronic prescribing is becoming an increasingly invaluable tool when it comes to maintaining compliance. More and more states are establishing mandates on Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS). E-prescribing is not only becoming a necessary asset, but it’s soon to be a mandatory regulation – that is if your state doesn’t require it already. And we all know small practices cannot afford to be in noncompliance.

Optimize Your Operations with e-Prescribe

By implementing e-prescribe software, your small practice can cut costs, save time, increase patient retention, improve patient-doctor relationships, and much more. Don’t wait to start maximizing your practice. Contact us today to see how NewCropRx can take your small practice to the next level with e-prescription software.



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