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8 Ways EHRs Benefit from E-Prescribe Partnerships

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In today’s digital health landscape, Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and ePrescribe partnerships are becoming increasingly important for healthcare providers. EHRs are digital systems that store patient data, while ePrescribe systems are online prescription writing and management platforms. 

Medical practices can operate ePrescribe systems as standalone systems for outpatient settings, but they can also incorporate them into their EHR systems. This interoperability between ePrescribe systems and EHRs offers numerous benefits to EHR organizations and their customers. 

In this blog post, we’ve highlighted eight ways EHR organizations can benefit from partnering with an electronic prescription services provider like NewCrop.

1. Enhanced software offerings 

ePrescribe capabilities provide EHR organizations with a convenient and cost-effective way to extend their offerings to clinicians. With ePrescribe capabilities, EHR organizations can provide clinicians with an enhanced software offering that includes detailed patient information, medication orders, and prescription drug refills without having to conduct costly research and development to develop these features themselves.

2. Improved Efficiency

By partnering with an e-prescription company, EHR organizations can streamline their prescription processes. For instance, EHR organizations can provide clinicians with a comprehensive set of features that allow them to easily and accurately manage their patients’ medication orders and prescription refills. This enables clinicians to provide better care to their patients, as they can access the necessary information quickly and accurately to make timely and informed prescribing decisions.

3. Enhanced Medication Management

Prescribing medications is one of the most important roles of a healthcare provider. However, doing so is becoming increasingly difficult due to the number of medications available and the complexity of their interactions. EHR organizations constantly seek ways to streamline the process and ensure accurate and safe prescribing. EPrescribe partnerships are one way to help in this effort.

EPrescribe Partnerships are designed to help EHR organizations manage and improve medication management through advanced technology. For example, EHR organizations can gain access to medication management tools that help to ensure that medications are prescribed safely and appropriately. These tools can provide automated alerts when medications interact, when the dosage is incorrect, and when the patient is taking too much or too little of a medication. This helps to reduce the risk of medication-related adverse events and increase patient safety.

4. Improved Medication Adherence

Another key benefit of ePrescribe partnerships is that it allows clinicians to share important patient information securely and accurately. By providing a secure platform for exchanging messages and sharing medical information, providers and patients can stay updated on medication adherence and other important health topics. This can enable clinicians to be well-informed about their patients and that they are taking their medications as prescribed.

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5. Enhanced Patient Safety

Partnering with an ePrescribing solution provider can be a great way for EHR organizations to enhance patient safety. By establishing an ePrescribing partnership, EHR organizations can ensure that their clinicians have access to the latest and most secure solutions for sending and receiving prescriptions. Additionally, ePrescribing partners can provide real-time checks to help reduce the risk of prescribing errors.

With an ePrescribing partner, EHR organizations can also benefit from enhanced clinical decision support. This can help clinicians make more informed decisions and ensure that the best treatment options are selected for each patient. ePrescribing partners also provide access to an extensive medication database, which can be used to access detailed drug information and ensure that clinicians prescribe the right medication to their patients.

6. Increased Revenue

EPrescribe partnerships can be a great way for EHR organizations to increase their revenue and improve patient care. When providers can quickly and easily prescribe medications, it reduces the time spent on paperwork, phone calls, and other administrative tasks. This increased efficiency can lead to lower administrative costs for the organization.

By partnering with an ePrescribe partner, EHR organizations can also benefit from the increased number of electronic prescriptions. This increased volume can lead to increased revenue for the organization, as well as improved customer satisfaction. Plus, attracting customers who are interested in working with an EHR that offers electronic prescription capabilities.

7. Access to Insights and Analytics

EPrescribe’s partnerships are specifically designed to help EHR organizations make better-informed decisions. By leveraging ePrescribe’s technology, EHR organizations can gain access to real-time patient data and analytics, allowing them to identify and address patient needs better. 

Additionally, ePrescribe offers comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities, enabling EHR organizations to better understand their performance and the effectiveness of their care plans. This can help organizations better understand, monitor, and improve their care plans and prescribing processes. 

8. Compliance with Government Mandates

For EHR organizations, it’s important to stay in compliance with various regulations and standards, including EPCS mandates, HIPAA laws, and HITECH laws. One of the ways EHR organizations can help their customers comply with these laws is by partnering with a partner like NewCrop. 

Cut Through Regulatory Red Tape with NewCrop 

NewCrop is a leading provider of compliant ePrescribe software. Our web-based platform is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which enables EHR organizations to help their customers stay compliant with the latest regulations. Our comprehensive suite of solutions includes a comprehensive web-based platform that enables clinicians to manage their patient data, access information, and collaborate with other healthcare providers.

One of the ways our platform helps clinicians stay compliant is that it enables them to track and monitor their compliance status in real time. This helps them to quickly identify any areas of non-compliance, allowing them to take corrective action to ensure that they are always in compliance with the latest regulations. This helps them to avoid the consequences of EPCS non-compliance.

In addition, NewCrop’s EPCS feature also provides clinicians with access to advanced data security and privacy solutions. This ensures that patient data is always secure and protected. Furthermore, our software is ONC Health IT certified and HITrust certified, giving EHR organizations and their customers the peace of mind that their data is safe and secure.

With NewCrop’s comprehensive suite of solutions, EHR organizations can help their customers ensure their patient data is secure, their systems are up to date, and their operations are compliant with the latest regulations.  To learn more about how your EHR organization can benefit from a partnership with NewCrop’s advanced ePrescribe software, schedule a demo today



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