Practice Management Software for Physical, Occupational, Speech, and Pediatric Therapists

Wrangle Your Workday

We’ve created a unique EMR solution to meet your clinic’s needs, with features designed specifically with your physical, occupational, speech, or pediatric therapy practice in mind.

One size does not fit all.

Easy Scheduling

Automate appointment reminders, track client documents, and more.

Productive Insights

Custom reports designed for your specialty allow you to act quickly.

Faster Documentation

Our smart, flexible content makes documentation fast and convenient.

Task Manager

Stay organized and productive with Fusion’s integrated task manager.

Tame Your Time

Smart Scheduling Tools

Schedule therapists for sessions in multiple locations with easy-to-use multi-clinic profiles.

Automate patient reminders to reduce no-shows, and only spend time contacting to patients who don’t respond. Color-coded appointment types allow you to quickly see an overview of your week.

Customizable note templates using physical therapy emr software

Collaboration, Simplified

Documentation Management

Store and retrieve documents by attaching them to specific cases and patients. Easily retrieve data from specific form fields for use in outcome studies and reports.

Use the ‘flow forward’ feature to copy and paste data to other forms and compare results. Secure documents so that only those you authorize can make changes.

Faster Payments. Fewer Errors

Streamline Billing Tasks

Reduce overhead costs with smart workflows that ensure maximum reimbursement, whether through insurance claims or direct client payments.

Claims and remittances are submitted electronically to ensure prompt payment.

You’ll always have a clear picture of client balances and overdue accounts. Clients can pay their bills online.

Know What’s Happening

Reporting & Insights

Turn data into actionable insights to improve your business with Fusion’s performance dashboards.

View real-time snapshots of what’s happening and where, to efficiently prioritize your time.

Customize reports to review critical elements of your practice, ensuring ongoing success and the growth of your business.

Transition Seamlessly to Fusion

Smooth Transfer

Ready to upgrade but worried that switching will be a pain?

We know that your previous system contains data that is essential to your practice’s operation. That’s why we have a platform to safely transfer your data between our system and other software.

We make sure you’re not starting from scratch.

More Fusion Features

  • Integrated, all-in-one system
  • Expansive library of customized documentation
  • Streamlined, automated reporting
  • Robust goal tracking
  • Secure, accurate and compliant data storage

Need some extra help with your billing?

We’ve got your back. We can optionally handle your claims management process from end to end with our Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) add-on. Just like that—no more insurance billing headaches.

Get Started with RCM