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Other Provider Types


Simplifying the prescribing process to improve patient safety & provider workflows.

Electronic Prescribing, Simplified

When it comes to your patients’ safety, you want electronic prescribing software you can trust to effectively communicate accurate prescription information, and act as a partner to aid in your point-of-care decisions. Since 2003, NewCrop has been trusted by over 200 EHR partners and 40,000 physicians to provide award-winning electronic prescribing services. Our software meets the highest compliance measures – EPCS, PDMP access, DEA Audit assistance. And meets Health IT standards for safety and accuracy – ONC Health IT certified, HITRUST- certified, and Surescripts award-winning prescription accuracy.

Whether integrated with your EHR or used independently, you’ll have access to NewCrop’s industry-leading capabilities.

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Industry-Leading Capabilities

NewCrop makes it easier and safer for prescribers to make point-of-care decisions, and our EHR partners can enhance their software offerings without the time or money spent on research and development.

• Real-Time Benefits Processing
• EPCS, PDMP Access & DEA Audits
• Drug Review & Interaction Checking
• Prior Authorization Processing
• ONC Certification Assistance
• Pharmacogenomic Support
• All-Provider Patient History
• Patient Education
• And more

Who Benefits From Using NewCrop?

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Not only can physicians enhance their prescribing workflows through automation, but they'll also have resources available to help make point-of-care decisions for each unique patient.

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EHR Partners

EHR partners can leverage our existing, trusted e-prescribe solution to enhance their software offerings without additional time or money spent on R&D, or meeting strenuous compliance measures.

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Patients can trust their prescriptions have been monitored for adverse interactions and sig accuracy, and can also enjoy shorter wait times at pharmacies due to enhanced workflow efficiencies.

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Pharmacists are able to easily and quickly fill prescriptions without additional communication from the prescriber due to illegible handwritten prescriptions or missing information.


physicians trust NewCrop for their e-prescribing needs

A Solution and a Partner

In addition to being an e-prescribe solution, it is our mission to act as a partner to prescribing physicians and EHR partners.

For physicians, our compliant software decreases regulatory burdens. Many prescribers are now mandated to comply with electronic prescribing for controlled substances (EPCS), causing some physicians to halt operations until they’re equipped with compliant e-prescribe software. However, NewCrop puts providers ahead of the game, allowing you to comply with new regulations without disrupting your operations or workflows.

For our EHR partners, NewCrop offers ONC certification assistance, helping over 100 of our EHR partners become certified from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology

Clinical Support at Your Fingertips

When it comes to treating patients, there is no one-size fits all. Integrated with Lexicomp reference material, leverage access to evidence-based drug information to confidently make drug decisions for each unique patient.

Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS)


Our solution provides comprehensive Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) supported in all 50 states. You can also view Prescription Drug Monitoring Program information on a patient.
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Drug Review and Interaction Checking

Drug Review and Interaction Checking

Our drug review functionality checks for drug-drug, drug-allergy, and drug-disease interactions and looks out for duplicate therapy and dosing concerns.
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Electronic Prior Authorization Processing

Electronic Prior Authorization Processing

Submit quick and painless electronic prior authorizations.
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Real-Time Benefits

Real-Time Benefits

Access drug and alternative medication pricing at point of care.
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Patient Education

Patient Education

Educated patients are empowered patients. LexiPals provides 18-language patient drug leaflets. Krames Staywell provides comprehensive disease education.
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Managed Care Formularies

Managed Care Formularies

NewCrop partners with Surescripts & participating pharmacy benefit managers to provide managed care formulary information within our e-prescribe system. Includes both Medicare and Medicaid.
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