Other Provider Types

Other Provider Types

Apex EDI

Simplifying claims processing so you can focus on care.

Get paid quicker

Complicated claims management becomes a two-minute operation with Apex EDI. Our flexible clearinghouse software connects to virtually every PMS and provides OneTouch® processing so you can scrub and submit claims at the touch of a button. It’s that easy! Not to mention, claims scrubbed for errors and submitted by Apex EDI have a 95% acceptance rate by payers – getting you paid up to 12 days faster, in as little as 5 days! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Apex EDI has a comprehensive range of features designed to save time and streamline operations, so you and your staff can focus on patient care.

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Tools designed to improve each step of the billing process

The convenience you deserve

  • OneTouch® claims processing
  • Real-time eligibility information
  • Claim status reporting
  • Electronic Readmittance Advice (ERA)
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Send and organize patient statements with BillFlash
  • NEA/MEA claim attachments
  • Process multiple claim formats
  • Works with virtually an practice management software
  • Unlimited support and a dedicated account manager

Who Uses Apex EDI?

Counselor speaking to a client

Solo Practioners

You’re doing everything yourself, so the last thing you want to worry about are rejected claims halting your revenue. Get a custom plan made just for you, contract free.

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Growing Clinics

You may be solo or have a few staff, but your practice is growing. You need more advanced features to stay ahead of billing and streamline your front office workflow.

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Large Practices

You run a large practice, maybe multi-site or multi-specialty. You need a sophisticated yet easy-to-use interface with advanced capabilities, without the complexity.

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EHR Partners

You're an EHR or medical organization looking to enhance your software offerings without timely/expensive R&D. Expedite the process by partnering with a trusted clearinghouse.

Since 1995

trusted by doctors and EHRs

Made with You in Mind

We realize there’s more that goes into running a practice than caring for your patients, you have to care for your bottom line as well. But that shouldn’t take time away from you being a clinician. Allow us to do the heavy lifting so you can decrease stress, while increasing revenue. 

We offer seamless setup, unlimited support with a dedicated success coach, low monthly fees, no contracts, and we can work with you to create a custom plan.

Your Solution to Billing Headaches

Before pulling out your hair because another claim was denied, let us have a crack at it. With Apex EDI, you never have to decipher confusing claim rejections alone.


Medical Claims

Simplify medical claims processing while maximizing your practice’s profitability and staying on top of healthcare legislation.
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Dental Claims

Apex EDI is the ideal clearinghouse for dental claims management. With scrubbing tools that account for the level of detail & accuracy needed for dental claims, you can feel more confident about claim accuracy & timely payment.
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Vision Claims

Apex EDI’s clearinghouse demystifies vision claims processing. Whether you're in optometry or ophthalmology, our easy-to-use solutions are here to save time and get you paid faster.
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Chiropractic Claims

Already have a PMS or EHR you're using to manage your chiropractic practice? No worries, Apex EDI integrates seamlessly with your existing practice management software, to enhance your claims processing without disrupting your existing workflow.
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Audiology Claims

Apex EDI allows you to send audiology claims from your software directly to payers. We also provide you with advanced reporting and web-based claims management functions to streamline your billing process and get you paid sooner.
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Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health Claims

Apex EDI integrates seamlessly with your existing practice management software or EHR to expedite claims processing and payments. Not currently using a PMS or EHR? That's okay, Apex EDI works as a web-based standalone product as well.
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