Therapy Brands Celebrates Mental Health Providers!

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Mental Health Awareness Month

How to Build a Robust Referral Network

Establishing a strong referral network is essential to building a successful physical, occupational, or speech therapy practice. Having a referral network allows you to gain access to a wider, steadier pool of clients.

Navigating CPT Codes in Occupational Therapy

Even experienced occupational therapists can struggle to choose the right code, so we wrote this blog post to demystify CPT codes. We’ll clarify how to apply them and how coding can impact your practice.

How to Build a Successful Cash-Based Practice

As Medicare, Medicaid and insurance reimbursement continue to decrease, interest in cash-based practices rises. We wrote a handy guide to help you establish a cash-based practice.

A Beginner’s Guide to CPT Codes for Physical Therapy

CPT codes change constantly. Keeping up with these changes can be challenging for physical therapists. This piece will serve as a readily available quick guide on the most frequently used CPT codes physical therapists will need.