Update on the Current Change Healthcare Outage

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The Guide to Mental Health Billing Automation

Mental Health Billing Automation Software

Automated billing systems have emerged as a game changer for mental and behavioral health providers, allowing them to streamline their billing processes and enhance their financial performance.

6 Business Metrics Mental and Behavioral Health Providers Must Track

Business Metrics

In this blog post, we take a look at the top six business metrics mental and behavioral health providers should track to monitor their business’s health effectively. If your EHR does not allow you to generate these reports, it may be time to look for a better solution.

7 Tools Your EHR Needs for Whole-Person Care

Whole-Person Care

A key piece of the whole-person care puzzle is implementing workflows and processes aligning with this care model. Your EHR is no exception. So, let’s look at 7 tools your EHR needs to implement whole-person care models.