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Mental Health Awareness Month

4 Dental Billing Myths That May Be Holding Your Practice Back

Dental Billing

Knowing how to properly handle dental billing is a must when it comes to ensuring timely cashflow and avoiding errors that can lead to problems for your patients. However, when it comes to dental billing, knowing what information is and isn’t accurate is not always easy. Here are four common myths surrounding dental billing that […]

Dental Claims Processing Best Practices

Dental Claims Management with Apex EDI

According to the ASDA, approximately 64% of the U.S. population has dental insurance. Dentists who previously debated whether to accept insurance now focus on which plans to take and how to generate enough revenue. Dental claims processing includes all aspects of giving care to patients, from the moment a patient is registered with your practice until the […]

Top 5 Dental Claims Mistakes


Every dental clinic prioritizes good treatment and care. However, submitting accurate dental claims is crucial to improving collection rates and boosting cash flow. Most insurance providers reject over half of dental claims submitted by dental practitioners due to insufficient information. In this article, we’ll explain how even minor filing errors might result in your dental […]

Secondary Claims Processing at Your Fingertips

Claim Processing

Secondary billing is exactly as the name suggests, the process of billing a second policy or payer once the primary claim has been processed and the reimbursement posted. Of course, in actuality, it’s not so simple. Not only must you determine which policy is the primary and which is secondary, you must understand the different […]

Why Was My Claim Returned?

Why was my claim returned?

The primary responsibility of a medical biller is to properly file claims to ensure that the medical provider is reimbursed for services rendered. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for billers to make human or electronic errors while entering claim data. As many as 80% of medical bills contain one or more errors that increase the risk of […]

How to Reduce the Margin of Error in Your Claim Processing

Billing manager reviewing reports with calculator, papers, and glasses on desk with hands crossed.

Gaps in claims management strategies lead to frustrating denials. In recent years, the margin of error for medical billing has been as high as 70%. No wonder so many patients are challenging their medical bills. They have lost trust in the insurance claims management process. These challenges cost patient trust, delay payments, and require more investment by […]

Medical Billing Mistakes that Impact Healthcare Revenue

An estimated 49% to 80% of medical bills contain at least one error, and that equates to revenue loss. Every error increases the risk that claims will be denied, and denied claims cost time, money, and resources to correct. Accuracy is critical in every step of the billing process to avoid such loss.

Apex EDI Review: 79th Fastest Growing Company

Apex EDI has been ranked as the 79th fastest growing Utah business. The MountainWest Capital Network, Utah’s first and largest business networking organization, ranks Utah businesses on a yearly basis. This is their 16th annual ranking and awards program and the fourth time Apex EDI has been listed as a 100 fastest growing company in Utah. […]

Frequently Asked Questions about Medicaid Billing

Hands holding a stethoscope with the word Medicaid between the earpieces.

Medicaid was designed to make healthcare affordable to the underprivileged. It is also beneficial for healthcare service providers as it helps supplement their revenue. However, healthcare providers are tasked with processing their patients’ bills and claiming payment from the relevant authorities. This process can seem complex, and clinics often have a lot of questions. Here is […]

Denial Management. What Is It? How Does It Work?

Medical billing professional focused intently on his computer.

The rate at which medical claims get denied by insurers is pretty concerning. According to a recent analysis, the average claim denial rate increased by 23% compared to four years ago. For medical practices, this means unpaid services, resulting in lost or delayed revenues, hurting the financial health tremendously.   But before you blame insurers for denying your claims, take a step […]