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How to Train Staff on Revenue Cycle Management

revenue cycle management

A well-trained staff can significantly improve the profitability and workflows of a healthcare organization. Learn how to train staff on effective revenue cycle management to enhance organization success.

Hospital Revenue Cycle Management

Hospital Revenue Cycle Management

Hospital revenue cycle management can be complex due to the large number of patients and different payment models. However, with the right resources, tools, and knowledge, hospitals can begin to see improvements in their revenue cycle.

Medical Billing vs. Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue cycle management software

Although medical billing is a part of revenue cycle management, they’re different processes. We dive into the differences between the two, how they work together, and more.

How to Bill for IOP Services

In this article, we walk you through the billing process for IOP services and provide insights to help streamline your billing operations.

Updated 2023 Behavioral Health Billing Laws

We dive into new 2023 behavioral health billing laws and explore how these changes can be navigated effectively to optimize revenue collection and streamline billing processes.

How to Decrease IOP Operational Costs

By implementing the cost-saving measures outlined in this article, IOPs can decrease operational expenses and allocate their resources more efficiently.

PHP Billing Codes Every Facility Should Know

Using correct PHP billing codes is crucial for behavioral health facilities to ensure proper reimbursement and minimize errors – this article provides guidelines and commonly used codes to assist billing staff and clinicians.