Optimizing Medication Management for Geriatric Patients

geriatric care management - geriatric patient

While medications play a vital role in maintaining the health of geriatric patients, managing a complex regimen can be challenging. We explore strategies and resources for optimizing medication management in geriatric care.

The Future of Healthcare Delivery

healthcare trends

Healthcare is evolving rapidly with various factors driving this change. To understand high-level trends and navigate this complex landscape, our e-book discusses dynamic trends such as AI, value-based care, rising healthcare costs, and more.

Advancing Your EHR at a Fraction of the Investment

ehr interoperability, eprescribing software

In order to grow in this competive market, EHRs must take a faster and smarter approach to sustaining a competive edge. Leveraging EHR interoperability to integrate with clinician-requested tools, like e-prescribing software, might be the long awaited solution.

Preventing Adverse Drug Reactions During Healthcare

an adverse drug reaction is preventable

As a healthcare professional, you work hard to improve the well-being of your patients, but adverse drug reactions (ADRs) can still be a challenge. Let’s discuss factors and strategies for preventing ADRs.

E-Prescribe FAQs

e prescribe software

E-prescribe software helps streamline prescription writing and improves patient outcomes. However, many clinicians still have questions. We’ve compiled a list of commonly asked e-prescribe questions and answers.

What Are Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs)?

Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs

Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs) track the dispensing of controlled substances to prevent medication misuse or abuse. As prescribing physicians, learning more about PDMP access and how to use it can benefit your practice and patients. Learn more.