E-Prescribe FAQs

e prescribe software

E-prescribe software helps streamline prescription writing and improves patient outcomes. However, many clinicians still have questions. We’ve compiled a list of commonly asked e-prescribe questions and answers.

Is Electronic Prescription Software Easy to Use?

electronic prescription software

Some clinicians worry that e-prescribe software will be difficult to learn or disrupt their existing workflows. In this article, we breakdown just how easy electronic prescribing is, and how easy the process can be.

The “Best” E-Prescribing Software for Clinicians

best e prescribing software

While many software options claim to be the “best”, what really makes one solution better than the next? We provide you with the necessary information to make an informed decision based on your own needs.

How Does E-Prescribing Work?

This article breaks down the three main steps of e-prescribing and highlights its role in streamlining workflows, reducing errors, and improving patient safety.