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Rebrand FAQs

Q. What should I do to prepare for the rebrand?

A. Be sure to bookmark your log-in page. Many of our customers navigate to their login from the current homepage of product websites. The homepage URL will change. Therefore, please bookmark your actual login page, not the home page, for convenience and ease of use.

Q. What are the new support email addresses​

A. Below are the updated emails for reaching our expert support staff. However, we will continue to monitor current email addresses to ensure your satisfaction.

Support Email Addresses

WebABA Enterprise:
WebABA Group:
WebABA Professional:
TheraNest Professional:
TheraNest Enterprise:
TheraNest Lite:
ShareNote Community:
Fusion Enterprise:

Q. Will each product still have their separate 1-800 numbers?​

A. Your product’s current 1-800 number will not change. Please use the same phone number that you have in the past to contact our expert support staff.

Q. Which products and brands are being rebranded?​

A. Beginning Monday, May 2, 2022, we will update the product names and logos, as shown below, on our website. The name changes listed below will be reflected on the product login screens and invoices over the next few weeks. While some names may change, our level of commitment will stay the same. We will be here for you as you grow, expand, and offer the best in quality care.

Q. If my product is being rebranded, will my brand have a new logo? ​

A. Yes, the new logos are shown above.

Q. Which products will retain their previous branding? ​

A. AccuPoint Classic, MCP Classic, MPC 2.0, and WebABA Classic will maintain their current branding. In addition, there are no changes for Logik, NewCrop, and Apex EDI services.

Q. What’s changing for me?​

A. The look and feel of our website will change. Individual product webpages describing our solutions will be moved to the parent (Therapy Brands) website. However, the main components of your practice management software and other solutions will stay the same.

Please know that you will continue to receive the great services and features you’ve come to expect. This will be a seamless process that enables us to help you utilize our product offerings more effectively.

Q. Why is Therapy Brands rebranding?​

A. We want our products and services to align with your needs and our ‘go-forward’ product strategy. Feedback through market research and customer interactions determined that many of you found it difficult to navigate our current websites to find the solution that’s right for you. We want to help you easily navigate to the right products by renaming our services based on the segments they serve, and by simplifying how the products are represented.

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Q. Will my invoices change?​

A. Beginning, Monday, May 2, 2022, all invoices for products undergoing rebrand will reference the new product name listed above and display new logos. But overall, there will be no major changes to your invoicing experience.

Q. What names will be shown on credit card billing? ​

A. The new product names listed above will be listed on credit card billing statements and invoices.

Q. Is my contract valid? ​

A. Your contract is valid, and legally binding to the terms and conditions of your original contract.