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Podcast Episode 5: Running a Large Healthcare Organization

Special guests Alicia Swanson and Chris Werner join our host Sage on this week’s episode to discuss the necessities required for running a large healthcare organization. While Alicia is Therapy Brand’s Senior Director of Customer Success, Chris is one of their Customer Success Managers, and today they bring their expertise in customer success and knowledge on the tools needed to run a large healthcare organization to the podcast to share with listeners.

They begin by describing the importance of technology for large-scale practices and how it can help cut costs and save time for these practices. Our guests go on to discuss the biggest obstacles that larger healthcare administrators face, some of which include getting information back out of the system and the staff turnover these practices experience. They also review the tools these organizations can use for a successful administration as well as the value in outsourcing areas they find difficult. The episode concludes with words of advice from Alicia and Chris on how larger healthcare organizations can improve their growth – wisdom acquired through extensive experience which will prove highly valuable to all who take it to heart.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

  • The relationship between technology and large scale healthcare administration
  • Dissecting the biggest obstacles for administrators of big healthcare practices
  • Tools for successful healthcare administration on a larger scale
  • Why you need to outsource areas where you need help
  • The importance of getting the right data
  • How larger healthcare organizations can improve their growth


“I always feel like I have my customer hat on where I’m thinking like a customer and you know, any decisions that are done internally, I get to be that voice of the customer.”

“Everything you’re doing in life is requiring technology at this point.”

“Technology is always evolving and changing in capabilities.”

“Customers are most successful when they are willing to ask questions.”

“Management through influence versus management through authority. That is what healthcare does.”

“If you have a great system, and you’re able to pull out all of this data and make these key decisions, you’re going to go really far in your business and grow at a pace that you’re able to keep up with.”

“Knowing what you’re good at, and what you should outsource to another tool or service is going to be critical to your success.”

“If you try and wear all of the hats and do all of the things, you’re not going to grow at the pace that you want to.”

“Make sure you are working with someone who wants to partner with you and hear what you have to say.”

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