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Podcast Episode 3: The Future Relationship between Technology and Healthcare Administration

Allison Milam joins our host to discuss the importance and future of technology in healthcare. A Board Certified Behavior Analyst with 11 + years of experience, Allison is currently a Product Owner-BCBA for the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) products at Therapy Brands where she serves as a liaison between customers in the ABA practice management space and the software product team.

Allison begins the conversation by describing her journey as a provider and how she transitioned into the software space. She then discusses how the Electronic Health Record (EHR) has evolved as an industry over the years, the part technology has played in this evolution, the future of the EHR industry, and trends she expects to witness in the future. The episode comes to a close with Allison describing some challenges she expects the EHR industry to face in the coming years. Allison’s extensive experience and understanding in this space paint a healthy picture of the future of healthcare administration.

The Finer Details

  • Transitioning from working as a provider into the software space
  • The evolution of the EHR industry over the years 
  • The top benefits of EHR technology for practitioners and healthcare administrators 
  • Using an EHR as a practitioner 
  • The future of the EHR industry and practice management software 
  • Challenges as EHR expands in the future 


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