Podcast Episode 2: The Role of Customer Service in Client Retention

Joining our host, Sage, today, to discuss how customer service plays a role in client retention for healthcare organizations are Azure Hardy and Nathan Buss. Azure is the Senior Director of Customer Care and Chief of Staff at Therapy Brands, and Nathan is the Customer Care Manager at Theranest. Together, they bring their expertise today to explain the relationship between patient experience and client retention and offer advice to practices on how to build better customer service.   

Azure and Nathan begin by discussing the importance of customer service and excellent patient experience in client retention, and why practices should thrive to improve patient experiences. Azure reviews the top three traits of a great customer service agent: curiosity, empathy, and tenacity, and our guests and host go on to discuss the importance of reflective listening and creating clear timelines to assist customers. Client retention is so very much a key component to the success of any organization, and today’s episode offers a blueprint to follow which will ensure that customer service makes this a reality both in the world of healthcare and beyond.

The Finer Details

  • The importance of customer service in client retention
  • Why you should improve patient experience 
  • 3 best traits of a great customer service agent 
  • The power of empathy 
  • How to listen and repeat back to customers 
  • Resolving conflicts with reflective listening and clear timelines 
  • Azure and Nathan share their experiences with customers 
  • Azure’s advice to customer service agents 


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