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Are You EPCS Ready?: 2023 EPCS Mandates

Upcoming 2023 state and federal mandates require the usage of Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS). Find out how your practice will be affected and when.

Regulation Relief: How Electronic Prescriptions Relieve Your Organization of Regulatory & Compliance Burdens

Regulatory mandates are a major burden shouldered by healthcare IT. In order to manage the ever-shifting regulatory landscape and maintain compliance, clinical staff and EHR systems across the country are being pulled in a hundred different directions, each one taking valuable time away from what matters most. Patient care in the case of physicians. And improving their technology solutions in the case of the practice management systems that help those physicians do their good work.

This eBook covers:

Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS)
Prior Authorization and Real-Time Benefits Tools
Meaningful Use
regulation relief
electronic prescribing

A Complete Guide to Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances

The opioid epidemic is among the most serious issues faced by the United States healthcare system. Combatting the opioid crisis is a coin with two sides. On one side, those with substance abuse disorders must be able to receive the treatment and resources they need to heal. On the other, these addictive substances must be brought under tight control to fight the epidemic. The resounding purpose of EPCS is ultimately to keep a halter on the ongoing opioid epidemic, and it is one of the most critical tools we must face this challenge. This eBook breaks down the need and requirements for EPCS solutions, explaining government legislature, DEA audits, and security measures.


The Importance of EPCS
Need-to-Know Legislature
Doctor Shopping & Prescription Fraud
EPCS Requirements
What’s on the Horizon

Prior Authorization: Compliance, Cost-Savings, and Complete Patient Care

From its start, Prior Authorization within healthcare billing quickly became one of the most integral parts of the modern revenue cycle. Today, prior authorization is used by payers to lower the cost of care for patients as well as improve care quality. Although the process is well-intended, it is still frustrating for providers and EHR vendors as it feels limiting and restricting to the care process. For patients, prior authorization can present as confusing and disheartening, slowing down their access to important prescriptions and care. This eBook recounts the history and importance of prior authorizations as well as provides guidelines for the healthcare professionals of today. Includes:
When is Prior Authorization Necessary?
An Overview of the Prior Authorization Process
Benefits of Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA)
prior authorization
precision medicine

Precision Medicine: Cost Effectiveness & Impact on Patient Care Including Safety

Every year, two million Americans are hospitalized due to adverse drug reactions. Using genomics as a primary tool for individualizing patient care is the future of medicine. Genetic screening can offer a new level of confidence in medication efficacy, and a higher level of patient trust and comfort with treatment decisions


Patient Populations and Specialties that Stand to Benefit from Pre-Emptive Pharmacogenomic Testing
The Importance of PGx Workflow Integration
High Priced Drugs Where Genomic Testing Can Detect Inefficacy in Advance
Other Selected Research Excerpts

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