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Our Team of Billing Specialists Streamline Operational Workflows & Increase Revenue

Insurance billing can take a huge toll on your organization’s time and revenue when handling claim submissions, rejections, and denials. 

The good news? Logik offers revenue cycle management services to support your organization’s financial health so that you can focus on what matters most: your patients.

Increase Claim Acceptance Rates

Our billing services take the headache out of claim submission and follow-up to improve your claim acceptance rate and revenue. 

Get Paid Faster

Rest easy knowing that payer reimbursements will be promptly directed back to your organization to keep your cash flow steady and AR balances low.

Enhance Patient Outcomes

Let us support your billing so that you can support what matters most – the individuals and communities you care for.


Maximize Revenue Realization

Whether you’re looking to find new revenue streams, streamline your billing process to decrease denials, or increase your claim acceptance rate, we have you covered.

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Why We’re Different

Logik’s RCM service offers more than the average billing team:

Integrated Billing

Seamless integration from our PMS system, to the clearinghouse or third party payment, and back. All your data in one place, with one team.

Expert Knowledge

Our team of healthcare billing specialists understands the specialty-specific RCM needs you have. From unique billing issues within behavioral health and rehab facilities, to claim follow-up and complex reporting, Logik’s experts have years of industry-specific experience.

Business Partnership

Our dedicated billing teams form a true business partnership with your organization. We work one-on-one with clients to collaborate, report and communicate.

Billing Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Logik Has You Covered From Patient Intake to Final Balance

Charge Creation

Ensure your expected charges match your actual charges and manage pre-edit checks to verify claim correctness prior to sending claims to payers.

Claim Submissions

Submit electronic claim submissions to payers; batch file and individual claim acceptance and rejection review and remediation.

Payment Posting

Configure auto-posting of payments; auto-post all remittances and manage claim posting exceptions.

Claims Correction

Limit write-offs through assistance in denial resolution and payment so that your cash flow remains steady.

Intake Enhancement

Streamline data collection methods to ensure you are capturing what you need from patients to minimize claim denials later.

Custom Solutions

Create additional billing efficiencies through custom reporting, eVerify, and more to improve operations.


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